Message of a Post-Abortive Woman to Young People

I am going to try my best to get my message across to the millions of teenagers who are ignorant towards what is considered "A human life."
Here is my story:
Six years ago, I was an ignorant pregnant 19 year old, who feared what her parents would think of her if she had a baby out of wedlock. Because abortion is legal, I thought that it was OK to go ahead and have one out of embarrassment of what others may think of me, especially my parents.
I was not aware of the fact that I had a human life growing inside me, in my womb. I was so ignorant that I thought in this womb was just a "blood clot," that would eventually grow and develop into a life form. Again, not realizing this baby was already a human life with a soul, a soul at the moment of conception. I was not aware that at 21/2 to 3 weeks the heart starts beating. I did not know at 8 weeks my baby had already developed his/hers extremities and digits, can suck his/her finger, this baby was already forming into a little human life.
I want my words to touch the lives of younger people, who are like I was, "ignorant" and unaware of the facts and circumstances of abortion, of when is it really considered a human life. I believe if I can get my message through to you, it can help you to see the facts and you will then therefore, pass this message along to others and hopefully reconsider the whole horrendous abortion issue .
I wish the doctor who performed my abortion would have explained to me the aforementioned facts. I especially would like to add that I wish my doctor would have explained to me the medical dangers I could be facing. I HAD NO IDEA as to what I'm about to write. Please understand that I am not trying to scare you, I'm merely trying to help you to know what you can also be faced with.
After abortion the woman is left with scars on her uterine wall. A woman's cervical muscles weaken after abortion and therefore, may not be able to carry a baby in the future, which can lead to miscarriage and can be left with cervical muscle damage. Due to scar tissues left in the womb from the scraping of abortion, a fertilized ovum is blocked from entering the uterus and begins growing in the fallopian tube, which will eventually rupture and can be life threatening for a woman.
I ask myself how can a doctor perform such a horrendous act and actually take money for it? I have come to the conclusion that the Devil plays a big part in this.
I would like to tell you how horrible I feel about my abortion. I now know that I took the life of my own baby My heart is broken; I cry all the time; I feel so bad that I took this poor innocent life. I also feel I will never over come this. Then when I think about it, do we ever over come death? Six years ago I was ignorant and didn't realize this was a baby in my womb, after all abortion is legal so it is OK. This is what is confusing to so many innocent people. It is not fair to be unaware of the facts on abortion and then find out later that this is a human life. Every human life has the right to life. No one should decide to take the innocent life of a baby. Again, because abortion is legal, I thought it was OK. I am now suffering immensely the pain of the realization of what I did. If only that doctor would have cared enough to take the time out and explain how the baby is developing and the medical risks that were involved. Maybe if that doctor cared, another innocent life would have been saved. It is too late for me now, but at least I can get my message out to other ignorant victims.
Do not fear your parents. Yes I understand; I have been there also, as you can see! But whether you want to believe this or not, your parents are not going to hurt you, they are there for you, they gave your life to you, they wouldn't want you to take the life of another, an innocent life. This is going to sound horrible, again I am not trying to scare you, but would you take the life of a human being? Abortion is the same thing, except the baby has not fully developed until the ninth month. I look back now and say to myself, "why did I care what my parents would have thought," I did such a selfish thing, (not realizing at the time it was selfish), but now you know some of the facts and there is help available to you.
Imagine going through life knowing you actually took the life of such innocence? You wouldn't feel too good about yourself, and this is exactly what I'm going through today. "If only I would have known more about this." My ignorance saves me from selfishness, but I still, of course, am suffering and I AM WRONG. Abortion is such a selfish act, I pity those who know the facts and still believe in abortion.
If you need to talk about this, HELP IS AVAILABLE. Questions and answers are available! You can call this number:
1-800-848-LOVE (5683)
I now always keep this with me, maybe you'll want to keep it with you also:
"God is always here for us, if I ask God for his help, then it is his help he gives me."

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