I had no Good Counsel and Felt Abortion was my Only Choice

        I was just sixteen - I had no good counsel - I felt abortion was my only choice. The experience was horrific, and I still hear the sound of the machine whirring - all these years later. I felt alone and afraid and had no one to comfort or help me - I suffered alone and continued to live a promiscuous, unhappy, unfulfilling life for another 18 years.  

I became pregnant two years later with the same guy and ended up getting married because that's what I "had" to do - I would NOT go for another abortion. I ended up miscarrying the child at 4 months, the day before my wedding. I walked the aisle in great embarrassment and highly medicated from my D & C. 

I continued to be promiscuous in my sham of a marriage and ended up divorcing after 16 years. The best part of that marriage was my four beautiful children!  Yes, they know they have two siblings in heaven. After remarrying a wonderful man a few years later, I felt compelled to go to school to become a counselor. Through my schooling I couldn't help but work through all my own mess, and with the healing of the Lord, education, and great support from my new husband, I am free at last.

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