Changing the Culture

Maryland,  United States
  In all honesty I do regret my abortions, but what I regret even more is the moral turpitude in which I was raised.  This moral turpitude is the same moral turpitude I see today in our culture.

I was raised without a father --him having died when I was two--and by a mother who did the best she could with the resources she had.  I think I was doomed to fall into the promiscuity of my young adulthood.  Above all things, a total lack of teaching about the value and sanctity of life contributed to my behavior. My mother scoffed at virtue and character-building. I was encouraged to go after what I wanted and to put my goals before anyone else. Every adult around me was coarse, low in their thoughts and speech. They actively discouraged my aspirations to goodness. This, of course, contributed to the abortions I had, but this lowness of character was also evident in all aspects of my life.  It was only when I married, God bless my husband of 31 years, and saw the sonogram of my first child to survive that I recognized the humanity of the fetus in the womb. 

With motherhood came the realization of what I had done, but only by shame did my callous heart become more like our Savior's.  I am a teacher in my small city, and the publication--yes, the broadcasting over the radio airwaves--of my sins began my salvation. Social media has augmented my story so that I have been the talk of the town for over ten years. My past conduct, my abortions, and my "female health problems," which are the direct result of my conduct, ignorance about my own female body, and poor medical care, are talked about on the local gossip radio station and on social media almost weekly.  In short, I have experienced a death, too, and a deserved one--a social death that has embarrassed not only me, but my two living children, my husband, and many of my students who love me and who looked up to me.

I do the best I can to remember that I deserve all this.  I do the best I can to protect and apply balm to the lives of the ones I love. I do the best I can, with the help of Christ, to live the life God would have me live. My abortions were the result of ignorance, poverty, willfulness, a learned selfishness, and rebellion.  Through campaigns like Silent No More and Priest for Life, our culture can change to one that values all stages of life.

Priests for Life