Nicole's 2020 March for Life Testimony

Virginia,  United States
Many years have passed from a terrible day I will never forget.  Although it was just a second ago in my mind; spring of 1997 would be a tough, and miserable year. At the young age of eighteen. I had no clue of the traumatic impact of a horrible decision I was going to make; that in fact was having an abortion.

As a teen, one day I met a young deceptive man; like others I had met before. This particular man conned me into becoming pregnant and promised me the world. Not long after, I would find out he was a liar and abandoning me to have a child on my own. It was difficult processing what it would take to be a mother, let alone an adult. My mother (whose home I lived in) initially just dealt with the news of the baby. After receiving the news that I would become a single mother, she promptly made an abortion appointment on my behalf. 

In my mother’s home, fear prompted her and I to make what appeared to be easier and abort the baby. The world’s way of dealing with a baby, or unplanned baby, indeed is murder. They also fail to share the post life of having an abortion. At the time, I never understood the magnitude of an abortion and what it would soon have on myself and my family. My life escalated into a state of drunkenness and promiscuity. I just kept living on the edge, just waiting for something to eventually take me out of this world. Deep down inside I just did not feel worthy of being a human and my actions were every bit of what I was thinking of myself.

On this journey the Lord is my greatest joy, and healer of every pain I have gone through from this! Silent No More Awareness Campaign has allowed me to get the healing, and strength to overcome the deeply rooted trauma my abortion has caused. Thanks be to Jesus, forgiveness is my portion!
Priests for Life