Danielle's 2020 March for Life Testimony

North Carolina,  United States
At age 18 I became pregnant. I had always looked forward to becoming a mother, but when I told my boyfriend about my pregnancy, he said I needed to have an abortion. I told him no, and he got upset. After a few weeks of pressure, I caved and said I would. I cried all the way there and while we were there. 

At the abortion clinic I was terrified, and the pain during the procedure was excruciating. The physical pain was bad, but it was only the beginning. Immediately after I felt completely empty and was overwhelmed with shame and regret. A few months later my boyfriend was gone, and there I was with no baby and all alone. I sunk into a very deep depression. I turned to alcohol and started experimenting with drugs. I felt that I deserved to die, because I had taken my baby’s life by abortion. I would sit with a gun in hand and contemplate suicide often. 

The guilt and shame felt like too much to bear until I sought forgiveness through Jesus Christ, and He turned my life around. He led me to Aftermath Ministries, where I was able to continue the healing process, which also opened the door to share my story and to help others heal. I named my baby Abigail and was able to finally forgive myself. 

I will keep sharing my story because abortion not only ends the life of a child, but it also destroys women’s lives and the lives of others involved. America, let’s stand up and speak for the ones without a voice and fight to end abortion once and for all. 

God has a plan for my story, and that’s why I am Silent No More.  
Priests for Life