There Were No Sonograms, Consultation-Nothing

Mississippi,  United States
I had an abortion because I was suffering from a drug addiction and an abusive marriage and with the suggestion of his parents and himself, I had the abortion. He drove me to Planned Parenthood in Fresno California.  There were no Sonograms, consultation--nothing.  They made it sound like it was not a big deal.  They herd you I like cattle.  I knew it was wrong, but I proceeded anyway.  

I remember waking up crying so hard from what I had done.   No one knew this at that time except for him, his parents and me.  We were divorced in 1992.  In 1997 my parents, brother, daughters, and I moved to Mississippi.  I have been drug-free since then.  

Alcohol was a band aide until I began a relationship with the Lord in 2016. I had so much shame and guilt.  I have been to Faith Ministries and post abortion classes at Parkgate Oregnancy Clinic in Tupelo MS and also completed classes at my dear friend Anne Reed's home.  

Surrendering the Secret was the name.  By giving my life over to Jesus, I have the most joy ever experienced in my life.  Even through the daily struggles, Jesus gives me wonderful confidence to depend on him instead of addiction.   

After years of pain, I finally feel free from shame and that is why I am silent no more!!!

Priests for Life