Alveda King: Even Death Row Prisoners Can Be Evangelized

Image result for Death Row PrisonersThe niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., told Newsmax TV she disagrees with the Catholic Church’s stance on saying capital punishment ought to be abolished, although she said that evangelizing people on Death Row should be put into practice.

Alveda King was on Friday’s “America Talks Live” and was asked about Pope Francis’ announcement from this week regarding the death penalty.

After saying she believes the death penalty is applicable in certain cases such as premeditated murder, King noted that all humans have the potential to be saved from Hell and introduced to God.

“When there has to be some type of punishment, once someone is dead, you cannotImage result for Death Row Prisoners evangelize him. You cannot get them to the love of Christ,” King said.

“So I feel as though every effort could be made to [evangelize] those people on Death Row. There are people on Death Row that don’t belong on Death Row. And that’s prison reform, prison reentry, and all that. We have to examine all those points as well,” she added.

King was a Georgia state representative from 1979-1983 and is now a conservative activist with strong pro-life views. She is the director of Civil Rights for the Unborn for Priests for Life.

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