Oprah champions #ShoutYourAbortion and ignores women who regret their abortions

Oprah Winfrey gave a big boost to the “abortion is wonderful” cause last month when she included in her O magazine a first-person story by the woman who began the #ShoutYourAbortion movement.

The pro-life media picked up on Oprah’s endorsement of child killing, so the hashtag is trending again. And as so often happens on Twitter, pro-lifers have taken over the feed. But that doesn’t change that one of the most influential people in our nation, one whose name has been floated as a future presidential candidate, is endorsing a procedure that is decimating the African-American community, has left the U.S. at a child deficit, and killed 60 million unborn children.

What irks me the most is that thousands of courageous women who speak publicly about their abortions, and the lifetime of regret that has followed, are, as usual, being left out of the conversation..

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