Why Roe Will Fall, Eventually

There as an expression that goes something like, “Lies run sprints but the truth runs marathons.” This has been true

Why Roe Will Fall, Eventually

in our own American legacy. While our country was founded on the truth that we are all equal in dignity, in practice, it has not been true for everybody. It took The Civil War to correct the injustice of slavery. And that wasn’t enough. The shockwaves of slavery took years to correct. Eventually, the doctrine of justice in our constitution brought on changes in the law.

The lie Americans lived under then was that some people — African-Americans — should be treated as property in slavery. The truth is that there is no right to own people.  Now there is another pervasive lie in our culture: people have a right to treat their children as property and dispose of them through abortion. It’s always the vulnerable who are victims of the lies and the powerful who subject them.

But I believe the truth is rounding the final bend in this marathon. Our laws will catch up very soon with the truth that every person, no matter how convenient or inconvenient, has an inalienable right to live. It has happened before in our history. 

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