Perhaps “election month” is a more accurate term than “election day” when we refer to the general elections in November. Although the states have finished their pre-election day primaries to determine just who will be on the ballot, some states will soon begin voting in the general election. Minnesota, South Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming are just a few. Most of us think that general elections are on November 6 but early voting actually begins this Friday, September 21.

Our election work should be in full swing now as we motivate others to vote. Voting early (if it’s possible) is the best way to ensure that votes aren’t wasted ” and this is certainly no time to waste votes.

In light of the 2016 presidential elections, this has become the most important midterm election in a long time. Though President Trump’s name is not on the ballot, his presidency is, as are the policies that motivated so many to come out and vote for him two years ago. And if those who voted for him do not turn up to vote again, their vote in 2016 will be wasted.

Not that progress hasn’t been made ” on the contrary, a lot has been accomplished! But that’s the point ” we need it to continue! We don’t want the President to be sitting in the White House with pen in hand ready to sign all kinds of great legislation, but have a Congress unable to send it to him!

Fewer people vote in midterm elections than in the Presidential election. But if they give some thought to how our system of lawmaking works, they may find the motivation to get out and vote now as well. After all, the President is not a dictator. While there is Executive action he can take, legislative action depends on the Congress. Both the House and Senate have to pass a bill and agree on its wording before that bill can reach the President’s desk for his signature.

And that happens most easily when both houses of Congress are under the control of the President’s party…

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