Want Your Own Copy of the 'Unplanned' Movie on DVD?


As you know, the movie “Unplanned” is a film that chronicles the pro-life journey of former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson, who gave up her job after seeing the truth about abortion on an ultrasound screen. 

I know how powerful it is because I’ve been involved in the real-life journey of Abby, helping lead her to healing (and to the Church) and helping her help others. 

In the forward I wrote for Abby’s book Unplanned, upon which the film is based, I point out that understanding one person’s journey out of the abortion industry can help us bring an end to the entire industry, and can help bring conversion and healing to countless others.

Purchasing this DVD or Digital Download would be a great way to advance the pro-life cause by playing it in your parish, lending it to friends, family or neighbors or inviting people over to watch it. 

If you fill out the form below you will  be taken to a page to purchase the DVD or Digital Download and a portion of the proceeds will be given to Priests for Life. 

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