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Subscribing to our Emails

Fr. Frank Pavone, M.E.V.

Dear Friend,

You have asked to unsubscribe from one of our email lists. We want to make sure you are aware of the different options you have in this regard.

Below is a description of our various email messages, with an opportunity to unsubscribe from each of them. Please let us know your preference, which we will honor.

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We know that sometimes people are receiving our messages already at another address. Whether that is the case or not, we certainly do not want you to be out of the loop regarding what we are doing and how you can be involved. We value your participation in the movement, and assure you of our prayers.


Fr. Frank Pavone

These columns deal with various aspects of abortion, developments in the pro-life movement, and the connections between that movement and the teachings of Scripture and the Church.
The Priests for Life bi-monthly newsletter is a "resource bulletin" that seeks to give priests and laity resources and strategies in the pro-life movement to help in their own ministry.
The alerts are designed to give you the ability to act quickly on urgent issues that need our full and immediate attention. We also designed these alerts so that you can forward them to your friends, family, and fellow church members.
This is an email which invites your generous support of one or more of our specific projects, about which we give you the "inside scoop," often before the rest of the public knows.
Each week, Priests for Life sends an email pertaining to an upcoming Sunday liturgy and containing pro-life reflections on the readings of that Sunday, General Intercessions, and a short educational insert for the parish bulletin. This can be used by clergy to assist their preaching or by laity to help them reflect on the readings.
These are communications from Dr Alveda King, Niece of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. and Director of African American Outreach for Priests for Life.
This email gives you an opportunity to offer financial support to our efforts to coordinate the approximately 1000 retreats that we run through our worldwide Rachel's Vineyard ministry of healing after abortion.
This is an email to those who want to study and commit to living the spirituality of the pro-life movement. Learn about the virtues needed for pro-life work, and how those virtues shape pro-life strategy.
This is an email which invites you to support financially our work of "Gospel of Life Ministries," which does pro-life projects beyond the scope of only assisting priests. Rather, it works across denominational lines, and also internationally, on groundbreaking projects to educate the public about abortion and how to stop it.
These are communications from Beyan Kemper, founder and president of Stand True Ministries.