Here we give you a snapshot of some of what the Priests for Life family of ministries is doing in these days. We thank you for your support and invite you to get to know us better!

We recently issued yet another urgent call to everyone for a fulltime commitment to end abortion and protect the youngest children. Will you make more of a commitment to this great cause? Read more at

We continue to work hard to mobilize voters for the 2020 elections. We are doing our “Keep America Great Pro-life” broadcasts, and are pointing to the continued success of President Trump’s Administration, as well as the dangers posed by the Democrats.  
One way you can get more involved and get others involved in the election process is to host a rally 'watch party'. Find more info at

Bob Lalonde who heads up our International Outreach is again at the United Nations (UN) this week defending the unborn and participating in the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) on sustainable development.  

The Media Department is busy keeping track of the 24 candidates for the Democratic nomination for president; monitoring confirmation votes for President Trump’s U.S. Circuit Court nominees; placing op-eds written by the Priests for Life team; writing action alerts and press releases, and scheduling radio, TV and print interviews.

Fr. Frank Pavone just finished up at the National Right to Life Convention and is now in Washington, DC for meetings with pro-life leaders.  Janet is also in DC for the meetings after having been in Rome for meetings and to teach a class at the Pontifical Athanaeum Regina Apostolorum.

Youth Outreach is preparing for Pro-Youth Camp which begins next week in DC. Please keep these amazing teens in prayer as they raise their voices in our nations Capitol. 

The Priests for Life administrative team has been busy finalizing plans for a the pro-life leaders’ meeting  which we coordinate in Washington DC.

The administrative team is also preparing for a summit meeting of the Pro-life Leadership Coalition, to be held at our Titusville world Headquarters. Our team is also planning meals for that.

Fr. Denis Wilde, OSA was also in Charleston SC for a fruitful trip to the National Right to Life Convention – and preaching prolife message to all Masses over the weekend at the Charleston Catholic Cathedral of St John the Baptist. He also gave an afternoon piano concert at the Daughters of St Paul bookstore - American Composers - to round out the celebration of Independence Day. 

The gift entry department is inputting donations and training new staff how to enter data and donations.

Evangelist Alveda King and Civil Rights for the Unborn (CRU) is helping to organize a National Day of Mourning Abortion on August 31.

Priests for Life is now selling our youth outreach powerful pro-life t-shirts on our online store at

Priests for Life continues to work on the “Baby Chris” project, along with dozens of other pro-life groups that we have mobilized. See details at

We have been promoting many action alerts which you can find at

The Website Department continues to post the latest news on our homepage so be sure to visit every day.

Priests for Life continues our “End Abortion” podcast. It contains compelling arguments, testimonies, interviews, pro-life speeches, music, and more. It is hosted by Fr. Frank Pavone but will also include the members of the Priests for Life pastoral team. National pro-life leaders and other guests also will be interviewed. Tune in to the new End Abortion podcast on the following platforms (with many more to come): ITunes; IHeart Radio, Google Podcast; Sound Cloud; Sticher; and TuneIn.

Praise for our work

Watch Defending Life on EWTN, as well as the Catholic View for Women. Janet comes across as caring and knowledgeable and her honesty is so appreciated.

Dear Fr. Frank Pavone, I would like to commend you on years and years of such fine, hard, pro-life work!!!! I am so very impressed with your commitment and dedication to the unborn! And also of all those who work together with you! Please continue the great work.... you are supported by more folks than you even know! Thank you SO much!!