Here we give you a snapshot of some of what the Priests for Life family of ministries is doing in these days. We thank you for your support and invite you to get to know us better!

Priests for Life will provide continuing election analysis at and on Fr. Frank Pavone’s Praying for America broadcasts each weeknight at 8 pm ET on EndAbortion.TV

Priests for Life continues to hold monthly Good Shepherd seminars for clergy.  Each month focuses on a different topic.  Encourage any clergy you know to sign up at

Our International Outreach staff will be at the United States Conference of Catholic of Bishops (USCCB) General Assembly in Baltimore November 14 to 16 meeting with episcopal advisors and learning more from the Committee on Pro-Life Activities about “Building a Culture of Life in a Post-Roe World”.  We will be taking part in the Second Annual Commemoration of the Geneva Consensus Declaration in Washington, DC on November 17 and celebrating the progress in health for women and girls around the world.  The event is sponsored by the Institute for Women’s Health. At the end of the month we will be in Rome for meetings and participating in the 5th Assembly of Catholic-inspired NGOs.  The assembly is hosted by The Forum of Catholic-inspired Organizations. 

The Correspondence Department has been busy answering your questions!  From how to get more involved in the prolife movement to the Catholic Church’s stance on abortion when the mother’s life is in danger, we answer them all.  

Priests for Life recently hired Mary Stein, who is the new correspondence/public outreach associate now.  We are available to answer questions through email, online comments, phone, and physical letters.  We make sure that we get back in a timely manner with the best information possible.  

Priests for Life Youth Outreach Director, Bryan Kemper has been traveling and speaking and will be also taking on duties as Coordinator of Street Activism for Priests for Life. He will be in DC next week to join other pro-life leaders for a rally at the Department of Justice, protesting the weaponizing of government power against peaceful pro-life citizens. 

The Media Department is producing opinion pieces for a number of news outlets as well as working on content for the Priests for Life news show, ProLife PrimeTime News, which airs on Fridays at 9 p.m. ET.

The political outreach department has been hard at work going into the 2022 midterms - activating and training volunteers and equipping citizens with the resources they need to vote pro-life in their communities. Now that November 8 has passed, the work continues with getting out the pro-life vote in the Senate runoffs in Alaska and Georgia, and gearing up for races in 2023 for some governors and state legislature and of course the presidential election of 2024.

Gift entry is working on donations and is currently receiving the thanksgiving appeal with all the mass intentions for Fr Frank’s thanksgiving mass.

The Travel Department is currently working on all the preparations needed for the March for Life 2023 in Washington DC as well as numerous invitations for Fr. Frank and other members of the team.