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Do you consider it a priority to give of your time and energy to protect the unborn from abortion? Do you also see pro-life activity as part of your identity as a disciple of Christ? If so, join the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life!

This training in pro-life spirituality is a program of Priests for Life, as developed by Frank Pavone, National Director.

Priests for Life trains clergy as well as laity (men and women, single and married) in this pro-life spirituality.

We at Priests for Life have developed this spirituality over the years, and are gratified to see how it strengthens so many people as they face the day by day obstacles the come when we defend the unborn. Knowing how our pro-life commitment springs from our relationship with God and leads us back to it helps us to be prepared for this simple fact: when you defend the unborn, you will be treated like them: ignored, rejected, even aborted!

Do not be afraid! We have an unspeakably important task ahead of us and every grace we need to fulfill it!

Use the resources on this website to learn more about the activities and spirituality of the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life!

God bless you for your commitment; be assured of our partnership and prayers!