Life Cell Formats

We, who work tirelessly for the inclusion of the unborn into the family of the born, must not exclude ourselves from active participation in the gathering of His body. We must not say either in word or deed, “I have no need of you” (1Cor.12.20). Let us joyfully assemble together in His name, whether for the great Liturgy of the Mass or for small group teaching and sharing. Let us assemble in His name with confidence, for Jesus promised: “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” 

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Those interested in conducting a Life Cell must be thoroughly familiar with the letter from our founder and the four spiritual disciplines and must contact us at the National Office. 

Format A: (60-90min.) 

1. General Gathering, Refreshments…

2. Opening Prayer: Consecration Prayer (Prayer Booklet selections, other offerings…)

3. Welcome: Associates/Visitors
Aim of Meeting, Missionary Vision, Basic Material Available (brochures, prayer booklets…)

4. Study: An extended time (approximately 30-40 min.) of teaching, reflection and sharing. (recent letter, Fr. Frank Pavone's bi-weekly commentary, Sections and Links from the founder's letter, Study Guides…) * If there is a special visitation of a spiritual leader, he or she may make a unique offering related to The Gospel of Life.

5. Pair or Trio Sharing (optional in this format) *See questions and framework below. 

6. Business, Updates, Next Meeting

7. Closing Prayer: Prayer To End Abortion (Prayer Booklet selections, other offerings…)

Format B: Grouping of 2 or 3: (flexible)

1. Gather with Consecration Prayer (Prayer Booklet selections, other offerings…)

2. Review the most recent MEV e-letter.

3. Pair or Trio Sharing: in relation to the Aims, Promises, and Disciplines of the Missionaries. *See questions and framework below.

4. Updates and Next Meeting

5. Prayer To End Abortion (Prayer Booklet selections, other offerings…)

Format C: Blending: (already existing time schedule) - The blending of above components with already existing fellowship gathering.

*Pair or Trio Sharing

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I the midst of them.”

This aspect of the Life Cell should take place as a couple or trio in prayerful and honest sharing. According to the time available, share and respond to as many questions as possible. The aim of the time is to foster spiritual intimacy with God, the Church and the spirituality of the Association. 

How are you fulfilling the Aim of the Missionaries?

Aim: The Missionaries of the Gospel of Life witness before the Church and the world to the priority of the right to life as the foundation of all other rights, and to the absolute claims to respect and protection that this right makes upon every individual and community in the human family. The Association promotes and defends the natural human right to life, in the light of the Gospel, focusing in particular on ending the scourge of abortion.

How are you fulfilling your promises?

Lay Associates join the Association by means of the profession of two promises, namely,

-- commitment to the defense of the right to life, and 

-- union with the Association’s mission, goals, and spirituality.

How are you practicing the four spiritual disciplines?

Prayer: Have you been faithful to daily pray the prayers of Consecration and The Ending of Abortion? What are you learning from the monthly Pro-life Examination of Conscience? Share about your personal and family prayers. 

Study: How is your progress in the current study assignments? What daily companion are you using and how has this enhanced your devotional life?

Community: How are you participating in fellowship and learning opportunities with other Pro-lifers? Are you fulfilling the basic requirements of the Church? (Faithful member at a local parish, Sunday Mass, Holy Day’s of Obligation, Confession as required)

Witness: How are you personally, or with a group, bearing witness to the Gospel of Life? Share a particular witnessing encounter that was especially meaningful for you. Are you aware of and participating in the particular “Calls to Witness” of the Missionaries and the local Pro-life effort?

What is your plan to strengthen your commitment to the: Aim, Promises and Disciplines of the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life?

Conclusion: Pray for one another!