Knoxville Pro-life Freedom Rides Campaign Vision Casting and Mobilization Meetings - August 9, 2010

Scores of Clergy and Leaders across racial and denominational lines gather over a two day period to pray, prepare and pledge themselves to participate in the Pro-life Freedom Rides Campaign In Knoxville and Chattanooga, October 15-16, 2010!

Jim Pinto recently (August 9-10) joined  with Knoxville Pro-life Freedom Rides Campaign hosts Paul Simoneau, Lisa Morris, Pastor Cecil Clark and Maryann Briggs, in the Knoxville Diocesan Chancery for Pro-life Freedom Ride Vision Casting and Mobilization Meetings.

The Knoxville and Chattanooga Pro-life Freedom Rides Campaign is building well on the success of  the  July Birmingham/Atlanta Pro-life Freedom Rides Campaign.

To learn more and to register your participation,

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