October 15, 2024: Day of Silent Solidarity

On Oct. 15th, thousands of young people in high schools and on college campuses will make a commitment to be silent for all or part of the day, with many taping their mouths shut with red tape, the word LIFE emblazoned across it.

They will carry printed materials about why they are giving up their voices for a day to speak up for those who have no voice in our nation – the unborn children in the womb.

This observance was started by Bryan Kemper. Back in 2004, a college student in Louisiana asked him how he could work in solidarity with students across the country. That simple question served as the catalyst for the day that has spread around the globe and has involved hundreds of thousands of people since its inception.

Send photos to bryan@standtrue.com and promote on social media using #silentday.

Click here to download the fliers to be passed out on Silent Day

Please, register to take part below. Spread the word to others and ask them to register at SilentDay.org.