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Submitted by: S on  5/13/2010
Answered by: Matthew P. Harrison, M.D.
Topic: Can anything be done to save a baby after the abortion pill is taken?
My friend went to get an abortion and took the abortion pill. She left the clinic and immediately regretted it. She called the clinic but they said it was too late and that even if the baby lived, it would be deformed. Is this true? Can anything be done to save a baby after the abortion pill is taken?
Dear Sarah, I am sorry that your friend has gone through such trauma and has been lied to repeatedly by the abortion industry. The answer is yes, something can be done that might save a baby. I had a patient that had this exact experience and she came to my clinic 48 hours after taking RU-486 the abortion pill. We gave her progesterone shots that blocked the action of the pill and the baby lived. We delivered the little girl and she was and still is a perfectly normal and adorable little girl. Now she is 2 years old and meeting all of her developmental milestones. The moral is that it is never too late to try to save the life of a baby or a mother. That little girl’s mother has also been saved from the problems of post abortion depression and absolutely loves her little girl. Please make sure that your friend is getting healing from her abortion experience through a service like Rachel’s Vineyard. They really care for suffering women and she will need your help to heal after her abortion.

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