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Answers from our Priests for Life Medical Team

Submitted by: Roxanne on  3/4/2014
Answered by: Matthew P. Harrison, M.D.
Topic: Digoxin Reversal
There is an abortion clinic near us, that does late term abortions, by injecting Digoxin into the baby's heart. It may take 24 hrs for the baby to die. They let the girls see the ultrasound just as they insert the needle. Is there a way to reverse the effects of the Digoxin? Girls come out crying, and want it stopped, but so far we haven't found a doctor who can stop it at that point. (We, the sidewalk counselors outside the clinic) Thanks for any information or direction!! God Bless!
Thank you for your question.  Digoxin injections are performed either into the amniotic fluid surrounding the new baby of the pregnant mother or directly into the heart of the baby.  This causes the heart to stop beating so that when the abortion is done, that they will not have the "complication" of a live birth.  What a tragedy when the medical community calls a live birth a complication.  There is no known antidote or treatment that has been used to reverse the digoxin effect.  Direct injection into the baby's heart is certainly irreversible.  Injection into the amniotic fluid surrounding the baby could possibly be treated with a rapid injection of DigiBind, a drug that is used in the cases of Digoxin overdose in patients on this drug for irregular heartbeats.  This has never been tried, is not approved by the FDA or the manufacturer and would come with risks such as death or injury to the baby and/or mother.  We have used progesterone to counteract RU-486, tha abortion pill, and thankfully the baby did fine.  Continue to pray for the women seeking abortions, the babies killed by abortion, and the doctors that are performing abortions, that God will convert them to live a Culture of Life and protect the lives of the defenseless.

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