These aborted baby photos were posted through the kindness of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society. They were taken by Monica Migliorino Miller and Edmund Miller.

All of the babies shown in this Gallery were aborted in either March or April 1987 at the Michigan Avenue Medical Center, 30 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. They were retrieved from the trash dumpster behind the abortion mill in the alley off of Monroe Street. About 600 babies were retrieved altogether in this 2 month period. The babies were buried May 11, 1987 at St. Mary’s Cemetery, Evergreen Park, Illinois by the Archdiocese of Chicago.

arrayoffirsttrimesterabortionsmarch1987_small.jpg abortedbabiesinwhirlpaks_small.jpg aborted6weekssuctionmethod_small.jpg to12weekssuctionabortionhandup_small.jpg
weekssuctionabortionlittlelegandfoot_small.jpg aborted6weekssuctionmethod2_small.jpg sixweekssuctionabortion_small.jpg weekssuctionhandarmandshoulder_small.jpg
weekssuctionnoteshoulderarmhand_small.jpg abortedholythursday1987_small.jpg weekssuction_small.jpg legsandfeetrightlegstillattachedtotorso8weekssuction_small.jpg
weekssuction2_small.jpg weekssuction3_small.jpg m94_small.jpg thebabyinthisphotocanbeseenatthetopofthewhirlpak_small.jpg
sixweekssuctionabortion2_small.jpg handofabortedbabyseenthroughthewhirlpak_small.jpg weekssuction4_small.jpg beautifulhand14weekssuctionabortion_small.jpg
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