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Priests for Life is deeply committed to the unity of the pro-life movement and to active cooperation among groups of every size and denomination. Every group is important and of critical value to the effort to end abortion, and we are constantly inspired by the work of the many pro-life groups that exist.

We have compiled the most extensive, international list of pro-life groups (and related) sites of interest. We are providing these links as a service to our visitors because they contain information that may be helpful. Priests for Life is not organizationally affiliated with any of them (except PFL Canada, Rachel’s Vineyard and Silent No More Awareness Campaign) and is not responsible for content or maintenance. 

Furthermore, our posting of links to these groups is not limited by a criterion that we agree with them on everything. It is not necessary that we all agree on everything in order to work together to save lives. None of us would stop a medical professional from working to save the life of our child simply because that professional did not agree with us on a philosophical or religious point. Similarly, we do not believe that disagreements are reasons to stop us from working together to save the life of somebody else's child. That does not mean the disagreements don't matter; some of them are significant. What it does mean is that the most fundamental and urgent task is the saving of lives.

If you would like to be added to our list of pro-life organizations or update your group’s website address, please contact us with your request and URL.

Organizations are listed by geographic scope or country and then alphabetically by name.  If you know the name of a specific organization or keyword, use the search function as a shortcut:

First, see:

Highly Recommended Organizations & Websites
International Pro-Life Organizations
General Resources / Pro-Life Topics (in English – not country specific)

Pro-Life Groups Focused On A Specific Continent or Country:

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The links above go to sites that have a special emphasis on right to life issues.
Click here for a separate listing of sites of a more general Catholic and Christian nature. 

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