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CARE was formed in the United Kingdom then expanded in Europe to support and encourage Christians to express in a compassionate way God's heart concerning abortion and provide resources on matters of public policy. CARE is represented in the United Kingdom Parliaments and Assemblies, at the European Union in Brussels and the United Nations in Geneva and New York.
European Pro Life Doctors
Christian conservative group of physicians who have stood against the “Culture of Death” since their founding in 2001
Human Life International Europa
Pro-life resources in Polish, English, Russian and Ukrainian


Human Life International
Jugendfür das Leben
Youth for Life – website in German and English


Alliance for the Rights of Life  (Alliance pour la Droit de la Vie)
Group aims to change the government and public opinion on the tragedy and truths of abortion
Association to ProtectChildren (Association pour la Protection de l’Enfance)
A platform of networks, associations, professionals, elected officials, and individuals who support any initiative aimed at the defense of the best interests of children
Choose Life! (Choisir la Vie)
A non-denominational and politically independent movement which has fought to abolish laws that legalized abortion since 1975
International Center for Life (Centre International pour la Vie)
Based in Lourdes, a non-denominational, non-profit group that uses all forms of media to inform the French public on Pro-Life issues with materials available in several languages
National Day for life, (Journée Nationale pour la Vie)
Website provides information on how to get involved with other pro life groups and their events
Right to be Born (Droit de Naître)
Group of concerned parents who have worked to see a change in French laws such that the trivialization of abortion is removed
SOS Bebe / SOS Grossesse
Informative websites detailing the rights, resources and options for pregnant women including a crisis center and information on how to get in touch with adoption agencies
The Truce of God (La Trêve de Dieu)
A Catholic group that aims to help and support the Pro Life campaign and denounces legalized abortion as a crime against humanity
Thirty Years Enough (30 AnsçaSuffit!)
A group of like-minded parliamentary, religious, local, student, regional, and other pro- life groups in France that have banded together to end abortion


Alfa is a non-denominational and non-partisan organization for people who defend the right to life of all humans, whether born, unborn, disabled, sick or old.

Through this German site, an expectant mother with difficulties can engage directly in a private chat with a diocesan consultant. 


Family & Life Movement Limited
Focused on protecting human life and helping women, children, unborn babies and families in vulnerable situations and thus address material and intellectual poverty
Family Solidarity
Irish pro-family association exists to inform and advise families on different issues, helping them to favor Christian values and make sure Irish laws and social institutions actively support the “God-given rights and duties of the family”
Human Life International Ireland
Irish branch of Human Life International (HLI) - a worldwide pro-family, pro-life, charity organization.
Irish Bishops' Committee for Bioethics
Committee of the Irish Catholic Bishops' Conference focuses on stem cell research and euthanasia
Life Ireland
Dedicated to counseling women with crisis pregnancies
Offaly Pro-Life Ireland
Offaly Pro-Life is a branch of The Pro-Life Campaign, a non-denominational single issue lobby group whose members share a commitment to defend all human life and support a referendum which would give legal protection to the unborn child.
Precious Life
Organization works to keep abortion out of Northern Ireland
Pro-Life Campaign (PLC)
Non denominational lobbying group protecting life from conception to natural death & campaigns for resources for pregnant women in need & those suffering from post abortion trauma
Pro Life Movement (Ireland)
Stay informed about what's happening with the pro-life movement in Ireland.
Rachel’s Vineyard – Ireland
A ministry of Priests for Life, Rachel's Vineyard offers women and men weekends for healing after abortion along with a 13-week support group model around the world. 
Pro-life news source for Ireland providing real and factual information on the abortion debate
Youth Defence
Youth activist organization committed to education and campaigning for full constitutional protection for Irish mothers and babies that also operates the TruthTV website 


BIOS, Movement for Life  (BIOS, Movimento per La Vita)
Group of students and employees from the University of Bologna that informs members on topics of bioethics at local and national levels
Brother Embryo (FratelloEmbrione)
A radio show highlighting the central principles of the Right to Life
Defending Life (Difendere La Vita)
New and information about pro-life issues and events 
Movement for Life Italian (Movimento per La Vita Italiano)
Helps women with crisis pregnancy via emergency telephone line and adoption services
The Cooperative Friends for Life (La CooperativaAmici per La Vita)
Responsible for media publications that defend lifefor conception
The Truth and the Life Committee (ComitatoVerità e Vita)
Association of pro-life citizens who denounce immoral laws
Thousand Year Oak (La QuerciaMillenaria)
Organization that attempts to prevent therapeutic abortions by paying the medical costs of women who are expecting a child with multiple disabilities.


PRO VITA--Pro-Life in Lithuania
A group that celebrates life by remembering the tortured unborn dead with prayer, sorrow, days of repentance and memorials.

The Netherlands

Cry For Life (Holland)
The Pro-Life Organization of the Netherlands


The Polish Association for the Protection of Human Life
Educational association with a website in Polish and English


Silence No More (No MásSilencio)
Help for women who have had abortions


Human Life International (Switzerland)
This site contains pro-life news and information in the German language.
Medical Ethics Alliance
We affirm the unique value of all human life, its God given dignity and consequent right to protection in law. The pursuit and practice of medical excellence depends upon sound ethical principals.

United Kingdom

A project of The Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform UK (CBR UK). It is the name given to the public education project that seeks to change the way we think about abortion.

Group warns people of the dangers of any type of euthanasia legislation and pro-death initiatives
All-Party Parliamentary Pro-Life Group
Cross-party group (includes members of all three main parties) united to protect human life from conception until natural death
British Victims of Abortion
Post abortion help and care as well as the British arm of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign
Cambridge University Pro-Life Society
Pro-life group for University students
Christian Action Research and Education (CARE) operates a website networking independent crisis pregnancy and post abortion counseling centers across the United Kingdom
Christian Medical Fellowship
An evangelical, interdenominational organization that links together Christian doctors and medical students in the UK
Comment on Reproductive Ethics (CORE)
Public interest group focusing on ethical dilemmas surrounding human reproduction, particularly the new technologies of assisted conception
“First Do No Harm”
A doctors' action group, 'FIRST DO NO HARM' has been formed in London to oppose the current campaign for euthanasia.

The Guild of Catholic Doctors
On this website you will find details of some of the Guild's activities, and membership information.
Crisis pregnancy support with the message of “loving life, offering hope” offering education, housing and their FertilityCare Program
The LifeLeague
Activist organization committed to peacefully and very publically campaigning to end the violence of abortion in the United Kingdom
Linacre Centre for Healthcare Ethics
Catholic bioethics center exists to help Catholics and others to explore the Catholic Church's position on bioethical issues with a perspective is informed by Catholic moral teaching
Medical Education Trust
Organization of doctors offering medical and scientific reports related to life issues
Precious Life
Organization works to keep abortion out of Northern Ireland through non-violent, direct action
ProLife Alliance
Group seeks to ensure the right to life of all, using only peaceful and democratic means.

Pro-Life Care Online
Resources for pregnant women, men whose wives or partners are pregnant as well as women suffering from abortion
RTL is the UK's newest campaign group committed to upholding the dignity of human life... from its conception to its natural end.
Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC)
Based in the United Kingdom, a leading educational and lobbying organization that affirms, defends and promotes the existence and value of human life from the moment of conception in the United Kingdom and at the United Nations
Student LifeNet
Pro-life, campaigning national network with the mission to be at forefront of student politics 
United for Life
A website resource linking health and human life issues, organizations, facts and history, of a medical, scientific, social, political and religious nature including both national and international items




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