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  • 4/15/2024 10:00AM
    Scripture Reading and Reflection
    They Accuse Us of Blasphemy - Host: Frank Pavone
  • 4/15/2024 7:00PM
    Pro-Life Update with Bishop Strickland
  • 4/17/2024 9:00PM
    Just Ask Janet
    Guests: Jack and Sheila Harper, Founders, Save One Abortion Recovery Program - Title: Learn how you can bring the Save One Abortion Recovery to your Church or Pregnancy Center
EndAbortion.TV is the broadcast network of Priests for Life. We bring you daily programming about abortion and the effort to end it. Programs are produced at our TV studio at Priests for Life and from our activities out on the road, and include our team members like Pro-Life Leader Frank Pavone, Janet Morana, Dr. Alveda King, Bryan Kemper, Fr. Denis G. Wilde, OSA, Fr. David Begany, SSJ, Kevin and Dr. Theresa Burke of Rachel’s Vineyard team, and many more. Pro-life leaders and experts are regular guests. There are instructional classes and live Q and A sessions, times of prayer and devotion and powerful preaching, and commentary on pro-life news.

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Daily Diary
Daily Diary  
In this series, Pro-life Leader Frank Pavone walks viewers through each and every day, hour by hour, and everything he did, whether in work or leisure. He does this to encourage you to know how hard he and his team are working for the unborn, and to be transparent and accountable. As he explains, “After all, I work for you! I love what I do and am proud of it, and therefore love to talk about it! I hope it will inspire and encourage you in your own efforts for the unborn!”
The Living Word
The Living Word
Drawing on his three decades’ experience of preaching and teaching on Scripture and prolife topics, Pro-Life Leader Frank Pavone provides on a regular basis these stirring commentaries on the Scriptures, usually drawing from one or another of the readings assigned to each day in the liturgy. These reflections also contain times of prayer for one another, and an opportunity to leave your own prayer intentions in the comments. These reflections are specially geared towards showing how the Word of God shapes and strengthens our commitment to defend the unborn from abortion.
Praying for America
Praying for America
Praying for America is a series with Pro-life Leader Frank Pavone which provides Biblical patriotic education and inspiration. We do not just comment on the news; we pray over the news, interpreting it in the light of God’s Word and our nation’s founding principles, and finding in those sources our marching orders for saving America. The program begins with a reading of God’s Word and prayer, and then commentary on the events taking place in America. This series is an excellent preparation for our nation’s elections.
Just Ask Janet
Just Ask Janet
In this program, Priests for Life Executive Director Janet Morana brings her vast experience, insight, and profound compassion to the screen in interviews and commentary on the prolife movement, always with a view towards action. She often interviews special guests and highlights the abortion issue from the perspective of women, healing, and testimonies. As she reminds you each day, there are some abortions only you can stop, some lives only you can save!
Pro-Life Primetime
ProLife PrimeTime
“ProLife PrimeTime” is a program hosted by Priests for Life National Director Frank Pavone, giving cutting-edge, no-nonsense commentary on abortion and how to end it. The programs are a combination of master classes on prolife activism, updates on prolife strategy, interviews with prolife leaders, calls to action, and questions and answers.
Pro-Life Primetime News
Pro-Life PrimeTime News
ProLife PrimeTime News, hosted by Leslie Palma (Communications Director) and Theresa Watson (Executive Manager) brings you the latest developments in the fight against abortion throughout our nation and in various parts of the world. Priests for Life draws on its unique and extensive relationships within the pro-life movement, the constant travels of its team as well as its own news-making projects in the movement to both inform and equip you as pro-life activists.
End Abortion US
End Abortion US
(End Abortion US)

For many years, Priests for Life National Director Frank Pavone and Executive Director Janet Morana have worked together in every facet of the prolife movement, and in front of the cameras to bring viewers their insights and experience in fighting abortion.

On End Abortion US, they bring their joint experience before the cameras once again, and discuss the latest developments, projects and perspectives on abortion and the prolife movement.

End Abortion Podcast
End Abortion Podcast

On the End Abortion Podcast, you will find insightful commentary, lively discussion and impassioned preaching on the most important issue of our day, abortion, and our efforts to end it.

The End Abortion podcast is produced by Priests for Life and its national director, Frank Pavone.

Janet Reacts
Janet Reacts
(Janet Reacts)

In the wake of a current event, Janet Morana, executive director, Priests for Life, reacts in these brief videos highlighting the significance of the news story and summarizing the key points. She shares her take on the situation, drawing on her own experiences and knowledge to offer unique insights and to raise critical questions that encourage viewers to think more deeply about the issue. The videos, while brief, serve as a powerful conduit for spreading awareness, fostering community discussion, and inspiring action in the wake of significant news.

Priests for Life has pro-life shows that air regularly on EWTN and our team has many other special appearances on TV and Radio.
See our weekly media schedule for details.