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Dear Friends of Priests for Life,

We love to hear from you, and we want you to hear some of the compliments we have received from others. Please know that you inspire us, and that we are always grateful for your support! -- Frank Pavone

"In our present times there is an urgent need to promote a culture of life and also to undertake direct actions that help protect the life of the weakest, especially the unborn. For that reason the work done by ‘Priests for Life’ deserves the gratitude and support of the whole Church." - Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko, President, Pontifical Council for the Laity, Vatican City State, June 7, 2011.

Endorsements from Fr. Chris Alar, MIC
Endorsements from Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC
Janet Porter, architect of Heartbeat legislation and long-time friend and colleague of Frank Pavone
Brooke Rollins gives nice recognition to Pro-Life Leader Frank Pavone at the America First Policy Institute
Well-known Evangelical leader Pastor Jim Garlow relates a story of something that happened recently that shows the strong support that Pro-life Leader Frank Pavone has across the Body of Christ.
Fr Terry Gensemer of the Charismatic Episcopal Church
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Please let Father Pavone that I thoroughly enjoyed our discussion during our interview [on the Faith and Culture show]. I very much appreciate the time that he spent with me.

Kathryn V. Camp, D.Min.     
Research Analyst/Apologist / Speaker

THANK YOU - you just have such a great way of cheerfully defending life and articulating strong arguments in a way that doesn’t cause strong reactions.    It’s a gift from above, no doubt. 

You are seriously one of my favorite defenders of life. 


Thank you Fr Pavone for  another powerful informative reflection. "Let us be fearlessly, that light in the darkness." Thank you for being such a great leader and inspiration to all of us. God bless and protect us always.
Thank you dear Father Frank Pavone for being like Jesus our ROCK., for we know we can always count on you for bringing us The TRUTH , GOD's  Light, His Love, and His Teachings daily !!! 

Thank you Fr Pavone for that beautiful, powerful reflection. God bless you for all you teach us and all you do for us including the unborn. - Maria From Chicago

Subject: Re: ProLife University to be Launched by Priests for Life, Bishop Strickland, and Catholic Online

Thank you so very much Father Pavone for all these updates.I will note the information so I can let my Pastor know at my Parish so I can be an advocate for such a vitally important cause. Many blessings for all you do ...
With much gratitude,
Mercedes P.

Father Pavone (you will always be Father Pavone to me)

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I am behind you and you have my support. Both you and Bishop Strickland have my support! It is unconscionable what has happened to you both.


God bless you,
Venjie G.

Father Frank Pavone, good morning. 

For us, you are and will forever be a priest, a wonderful example of love for Christ and his Church and a fantastic leader defending the life of the unborn baby.

God bless you today and Always

Roberto and Míriam V.

Dear Frank,
You always remember! Thank you for your congratulations and prayers for my special anniversary. I appreciate this kind favor and ask God’s blessings upon you.
Bishop Mike

Bishop Michael D. Pfeifer, OMI
Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of San Angelo

Basilica of the National Shrine of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C. is where I asked you about how important was voting in a county race, several years ago.

You told me that pro life is important at every step of politics. ...

Thank you for being the sound voice of a moral compass that keeps being challenged. May your work continue to save many children and with prayers, continue to bring Our Country and the 🌎 World back to great of Faith in God.

God Love you, your staff and work,
Cheryl F.

P.S. I was also on the sidelines as pro life supporter, at a horrible demonstration for abortion in Washington several years ago.
Ted Turner showed up and made fun of one gal in our group holding a sign saying "I regret my abortion." He said to her "Oh, you poor thing" mocking her. While we were quietly on the sidelines saying the rosary with the Catholic University students, protected by the police, a woman came up to me holding her abortion sign and asked if she could trade it for mine, which was of course pro life.
I had this brave woman follow me to where Janet Moreno was standing and Janet immediately traded signs and was very glad to meet her. 
Janet turned to me and said: "If this is the only person that changed their mind today, it was worth being here!" A BIG Thank you to Janet too! 

Dear Fr. Pavone (you will always be a shepherd in my mind), I am praying for you and your ministry. Here is a letter I sent to Pope Francis to show my support for you and your work. 

Most Holy Father: I am writing in response to the news that I learned today that Fr. Frank Pavone is being laicized. It is an understatement to say that I, along with my pro-life colleagues, was utterly shocked by this decision. As a lifelong Catholic, I have been a great supporter of Fr. Pavone and his amazing pro-life ministry. He has done -- and will continue to do, whether as a priest or a layman -- the work of our Lord regarding the issue of murdering the unborn. We are in a spiritual battle for souls. Fr. Frank's blunt manner is entirely appropriate in this fight against evil. People, especially Catholics, need to find the courage to speak out against the evil of abortion. Fr. Pavone regularly models this courage for us. Regarding his support of President Trump: President Trump is without question the most pro-life president that the United States has ever had. It is because of him (another very courageous man) that Roe v. Wade was overturned. It only makes sense that the leader of Priests for Life would align himself with President Trump in the continuing battle to save babies. Instead of punishing Fr. Pavone for calling out Democrats for their support of this evil, we should laud him for speaking the truth. Catholics need to be aware that in supporting Democrats and their evil agenda, they are putting their eternal souls at risk. I have to believe that Jesus is looking at these events with shock and sadness. The tragic reality is that the end result of the decision to defrock Fr. Pavone will be that more babies will die in their mothers' wombs. The blood of those dead babies will be on the hands of those who perpetrated this egregious action. Please reconsider this decision. Lives are at stake. Thank you for taking the time to read my concerns. You, Fr. Pavone, and the leaders within the Catholic church continue to be in my prayers. Very respectfully, Linda S.

Fr Frank: I listen to you every day & miss your daily masses. I pray that the vatican sees the error of their ways & re-instates you back to the priesthood. I pray daily for all the good clergy who follow our lord's words to stop being persecuted. I want to thank you for all your vigor & emotional strength to continue your fight against abortion. I am in your corner, but most importantly, so is the lord. Thank you again. - Cathy B.,NY
“I’ve been listening to Fr. Frank for quite a while and I love love love his program. I always say I am his number one Protestant fan.” - Cindy G.
Dear father, Frank, you are in my daily thoughts and prayers! I am tired of this cancel culture also, and I’m fighting against it as you are! Abortion should be the number one issue in our church and all Christian churches! I commend you and your staff for their efforts throughout the years of trying to end this modern day, holocaust! The slaughtering of the innocent! - Gerry K., MO

Dear Fr. Frank,

Thank you for all you do to save lives of the unborn children and spread the truth and God's Gospel. For us you are still God's servant Priest. We will still call you Fr. Frank. God bless. - Nancy M. CA

Appreciate the godly work from Priests for Life. Father Frank Pavone is a real inspiration for all followers of Christ. Joe and Barbara M.
Dear Father, No one in this world deservs higher praise than you. You have raised our conscienceness and have been our hope. - Sr. Clare
Fr. Frank...thank you for all you do to protect the unborn and support those who do, unwaveringly.  You're an amazingly beautiful soul and true follower of Christ.  Know that you are in my prayers each day with deep gratitude and hope for your return to the priesthood. - Susan R., Hospice Chaplain, Pastoral Minister / Spiritual Director

Father Frank you were the reason I prayed outside of abortion clinics. You were the example and shared it and I was moved by the Holy Spirit to copy you. I did get to pray long enough to see a clinic close in El Paso, TX. You have my commitment to supporting Priests for Life for as long as I have gifts to share. - Mary H.

I'm very grateful to all of you who have persevered new and old in the Pro Life movement. This is the critical issue of our day, every generation has one. This is ours. Some of us have been trudging forward with this for very many decades now.  I have my whole priesthood my almost 40 years as a priest, been actively involved. Father Pavone, of course your outstanding in that. So keep going. We have to keep moving forward with this. - Archbishop Cordileone, Archbishop of San Francisco 

this is a cross that was given to me by Saint John Pope St. John Paul II ...and I'd like to use this cross to ask God's abundant blessings upon you, your ministry and all of our brother priests and bishops, and all people who are working for this primary issue which is life especially the most fragile, the most innocent of all life, the unborn.

Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus. We ask that you pour out your Holy Spirit upon all these beautiful efforts of Priests for Life, of all priests and bishops, and all our laypeople. Inspire us Dear Holy Spirit, to have hearts that are burning with fire of love for this ministry.

And bless all those who support us. May the blessing of almighty God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit descend upon us and remain forever Amen.  and Mary our mother, the mother of life. Intercede for us. Pray for us. Guide us and direct us. amen - Bishop Michael Pfeifer, OMI, Bishop Emeritus of San Angelo, Texas 

But I encourage you and pray for you and encourage, many more priests and people bishops to become involved in this vitally important ministry. - Bishop Michael Pfeifer, OMI, Bishop Emeritus of San Angelo, Texas 
Well, every priest I'm sure must be for life. The thing is what we need to do Is be much more expressive about this, because that's what we're about. We’re about human life. Jesus became one of us. The Great Priest. Precisely to touch all, and he's calling all of us bishops and priests -- So I encourage you brother Priests to become much more active in preaching and also in taking action at a local level. - Bishop Michael Pfeifer, OMI, Bishop Emeritus of San Angelo, Texas 
...perhaps our bishops, in my estimation, haven't spoken as strongly as they should have as a body on this issue. But I know that other pro-life people like yourself and Alveda King say this is the preeminent issue because it's dealing with human life and the most precious human life in the whole world, the unborn, tiny little images of God that are being destroyed in abortion. - Bishop Michael Pfeifer, OMI, Bishop Emeritus of San Angelo, Texas 
I encourage all those who are with you in your ministry. All the people who work at Priest for life. I want to thank them for the work they've done over these many years. Thank you for all the materials you provide. I want to really sincerely thank the benefactors who might be watching right now. Telling them to please continue to support Priest for life and anybody may be watching this for the first time that has not been involved thinking well maybe it's too late to get involved. No, it's never too late to get involved. So all you have to do is probably go to the priest for life website, find out how you can get involved, how you can contribute and then just get out there and don't be afraid. - Bishop Joseph Coffey, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese for Military Services in the United States
...we have to have the courage to teach and to preach the truth. And if sometimes that makes people uncomfortable or they think we're being too political well, that's not something we can be concerned with, but we have to preach the truth and we have to talk about these issues for every issue, every, every election. So Priest for Life can help us to walk that maybe minefield where we are not political as far as partisan or who to tell telling people who to vote for. But we're certainly going to let people know what the Candidates stand for. - Bishop Joseph Coffey, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese for Military Services in the United States
And as I've quoted you many times, Father Frank, I know you know that, where I say to people, as Father Frank says, we need to make abortion not only illegal, but unthinkable. - Bishop Joseph Coffey, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese for Military Services in the United States
And when it comes to Priest for Life, I often say, well, every priest is a priest for life. But your particular ministry gives a much-needed material that's so freely available through your various websites and what not. That you give the material to the priests and the deacons so that they can be better suited to preach with more good information, solid, solid homilies and you've been sharing those for very many years. That's why I've supported your ministry 'cause I've used those materials myself for my preaching. I would encourage other priests to use those materials because I know that your desire is for every Catholic priest to be a priest for life and to use the materials that you've gathered over all these many years with the support and the great generosity of your benefactors to make these materials available so that priests can feel like they have the information that they need, the resources that they need so that it can make their job just a little bit easier rather than reinvent the wheel because you get so many homilies for so many different Sundays of the year. - Bishop Joseph Coffey, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese for Military Services in the United States
I think that Teresa and her and her husband Kevin, their ministry of Rachel's Vineyard is so critically important and I know that they're all over the world now giving these retreats. I'm incredibly proud of their ministry and quite frankly, I was overjoyed when they joined forces with you 'cause I knew that would have an incredible effect that would just magnify both of your ministries and make it really one Ministry of Healing. Very, very proud of them. Very, very proud. - Bishop Joseph Coffey, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese for Military Services 
Father Frank. ... I've been a big fan of your ministry for many, many years, as you know. - Bishop Joseph Coffey, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese for Military Services 
...these weekend [Rachel's Vineyard] retreats can bring them incredible healing and knowing God's forgiveness. So, I thoroughly recommend this ministry. Every priest needs to know about this so they can recommend these retreats to people they have in confession so that they can bring that healing of God's mercy that is available to every single one of us. - Bishop Joseph Coffey, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese for Military Services 

March 15, 2021

Dear Priests for Life Family,

My name is Bishop Joe Coffey. Originally a priest ordained for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, I spent 19 years on Active Duty as a Navy Chaplain and currently serve as the Vicar for Veterans Affairs for the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA based in Washington DC. I regularly visit our Veterans and Catholic Priest Chaplains in 152 VAMC’s (Veterans Affairs Medical Centers) around our great Country.

I have had the great privilege of personally knowing several members of the Priests for Life network for over 30 years especially Fr Frank Pavone, Fr Denis Wilde, OSA and Kevin and Theresa Burke. As a seminarian, I heard Fr Pavone and Fr Wilde give inspiring Pro Life homilies and as a priest, I have happily made use of the readily made available pro life homily helps for Priests and Deacons  to give inspiring homilies. I am always trying to encourage seminarians and priests to get more involved with what the majority of the Bishops of the USCCB called the “pre-eminent issue” of our time. As a priest I have participated in life changing retreats organized by  Rachels’ Vineyard by hearing the Confessions of and give absolution to women and men who deeply regret decisions they felt they had no other choice to make. To see people know they are truly forgiven has never failed to inspire me and to be grateful to our Lord for my vocation as a priest.

Allow me to thank you for being a member of the Priests for Life family, whether that means taking part in its prayer campaigns, implementing its action alerts, connecting with its pro-life broadcasts and messages on social media, donating financially to the ministry, or all of these things!

Priests for Life seeks to save lives from abortion and to heal the wounds of abortion. In doing so, it is advancing a key priority of our day – a priority for both the Church and the state – and therefore deserves the support of as many people as possible. 

God bless you!


Bishop Joe Coffey

Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA

Dear Father Frank,
I just want you to know that I am so inspired by what you do in the Pro Life Movement. Who would have thought that you would become such a “luminary” as Fr. John Sorrento used to call priests who did something worth while? Blessings to you dear Father, and May our Holy Mother continue to watch over you.

- Archbishop Anthony, The Archdiocese of New York (Orthodox)

Letter regarding the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life, Most Rev. David A. Zubik, Bishop of Pittsburg, March 2010
Thanks a million for your birthday greetings. I really appreciate your expression of prayerful good wishes and God’s blessing. Thanks, too, for all the hard work you do to promote deep respect for life and for the unborn. May the Lord bless you in your mission. Sincerely in Christ, Bishop Leonard J. Olivier, SVD
I will remember you and all the Priests for Life in my prayers. May God continue to bless the wonderful work you do.
-- Most Reverend Alvara Corrada, S.J.- Bishop of Tyler, Texas

You are doing a great work for the Church and I wish you well. With many blessings and many good wishes, I remain sincerely yours in Christ,
-- Most Reverend Harry J. Flynn-Archbishop Emeritus of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota

May you continue to be blessed in your special and important work in Priests for Life.

- Sincerely yours, Bishop David B. Thompson

I am very grateful for your kind greetings on the occasion of my birthday, especially the promise of a remembrance in prayer. I follow your ministry with prayerful support. .... Your ministry remains with me during these days of prayer.

- With sentiments of fraternal esteem, I am prayerfully in the lord

- Rev. William G. Curlin

Thank you for your support and for the commitment to your organization to the dignity of human life. With every best wish and warm personal regards, I am Fraternally yours, Rev. Howard J. Hubbard, Bishop of Albany
Thank you for your kindness in sending me the Priests for Life Study Guide for the document, Living the Gospel of Life, issued by bishops of the United States in 1998. The current controversy regarding Catholic politicians and the issue of abortion underscores how timely and necessary your Study Guide is. While some of the energy surrounding this question is created by the proximity of elections, the situation is one which is the fruit of many years' development, and a true change of heart among Catholic politicians will take much time and effort. I believe the bishops of our country are committed to that process, and the Priests for Life Study Guide will be very helpful in this important undertaking. Thanking you for devoted ministry which gives a voice to the voiceless unborn, I am Sincerely yours in Christ,
-- Most Rev. William J. Levada, (previously) Archbishop of San Francisco

"Your seminars were extraordinarily well-received. Many of our priests and deacons expressed to me that they thought your presentations were among the most practical and theologically sound we have heard on the subject of protection of the unborn children..."
-- Most Rev. Rene Gracida, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi

Thank you for presenting at the recent Leadership Conference of the National Catholic Student Coalition. I am elated to learn that the students were enthusiastic about your workshops. That, of course, does not surprise me given your commitment and expertise in the area of respect for human life.
-- Most Rev. Peter A. Rosazza, Auxiliary Bishop, New Haven, CT.

Fr. Frank Pavone, of Priests for Life, is a dynamic and inspiring speaker...
-- Most Rev. Daniel M Buechlein, OSB, Archbishop of Indianapolis.

As you are well aware, the Diocese of Samoa Pago Pago is a missionary diocese 14 degrees South of the equator. We are perhaps one of the more distant locations you service. Our priest's and deacons each receive a copy of the newsletter, and we read with interest the outstanding work you and your brother priests are doing. Be assured of a continuous place in our prayers as you move in to the Jubilee Year and the Third Millennium. Sincerely in the Holy Family,
-- Most Rev. J. Quinn Weitzel, MM, Bishop of Samoa - Pago Pago.

I'd like to thank Priests for Life, therefore, for acknowledging the efforts of The Leaven staff to articulate and promote the church's teaching on this important pro-life issue in a manner accessible to the average Catholic. With gratitude for your personal commitment to proclaim the Gospel of Life, I am Sincerely yours in Jesus the Lord of life,
-- Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann, Archdiocese of Kansas City, KS

From Singapore and Korea I have been watching your presentations on all cable and network stations. You have been consistently excellent. Just what we've been needing and not having. Congratulations in an effort most helpful in setting forth Church teaching! In the Lord,
-- Archbishop Edwin F. O'Brien, Archbishop for Military Services

Your continued prayerful support is also very much appreciated, both for me and the faithful of the diocese. Thank you for your great work.
-- Most Reverend Robert W. Finn, DD, Bishop of Kansas City-St. Joseph.

I thank you for your own commitment to the sacredness of human life. Priests for Life is most important as we combat the evil of abortion and proclaim the Gospel of Life. I’ve given strong recommendations for you here.
-- Most Rev. Henry J Mansell, Archbishop of Hartford

Please know that I am honored and feel very privileged to be on the Board of Advisors and I want to commend you and all your coworkers for the marvelous job you are doing for the unborn.
-- Most Reverend James C. Timlin, D.D., Bishop Emeritus of Scranton

I think your organization does a wonderful job and I am very happy to be associated with it by serving on the Board of Advisors. I look forward to many years of association.
-- Most Reverend John F. Donoghue, Archbishop Emeritus of Atlanta

As a member of the Board of Advisors I can hardly give you better "advice" than to continue exactly as you have been doing. – Bishop George E. Lynch, New York
Cardinal Bevilacqua remains grateful to you and all those associated with Priests of Life for all that you do to protect and defend the sacredness of all human life from the moment of conception to natural death.
-- Reverend Michael F. Burbidge, Administrative Secretary

In encouraging your brother priests to become active in the Pro-Life Movement, you are greatly strengthening the efforts of the entire Church in the United States to bear witness to the Gospel of Life. May the Lord continue to bless your efforts in the years ahead.

– James Cardinal Hickey, Archbishop of Washington

On behalf of the Alliance of the Holy Family International, I would like to thank you for having made the International Clergy Retreat Seminar on the Alliance of the Two Hearts a success. Your valuable contribution has certainly made a big difference to all the priests who participated. The Alliance of the Holy Family movement highly respects your expertise and its contribution to its family apostolate. I pray that you would continue supporting us. And as we approach the great Jubilee Year, I fervently pray that we can help bring back more souls to the Church and to the practice of the Sacraments. The Holy Mother Church needs your selfless generosity in this great time of need.
-- Ricardo J. Cardinal Vidal, Archbishop of Cebu and AHFI Clergy Chairman

It is very apparent that God is blessing the work of Priests for Life abundantly. I must also repeat my thanks to you for the Clergy Conference that you gave to the clergy of the Diocese of Corpus Christi. I am still hearing favorable comments about your talks and how you raised the consciousness among the clergy about the importance of promoting Pro-Life activities.
-- Rene H. Gracida, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi

Congratulations on the very fine growth of Priests for Life and the expansion of its service. I am happy and proud to be associated with your group. In Peoria, we are delighted to offer your newsletter in our monthly mailing. As the months and years go along, I know that Priests for Life will have increasing influence in informing and supporting those priests and other ministers who wish to speak up clearly and consistently for the right to life.
-- Most Reverend John J. Myers, Bishop of Peoria (now Archbishop of Newark)

I write today to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generous priestly service on behalf of life. Frank, your presentation was really excellent. God has gifted you with an ability to speak well and motivate people effectively. I was especially touched by the nuances you utilized in regards to the Eucharist. The two uses for the sentence "this is my body" will not be forgotten by me and your practical application of a deeper meaning of "do this in remembrance of me" will be worked into many of my own talks in the future.
-- Most Rev. John McCarthy, Bishop Emeritus of Austin

Congratulations on the outstanding interview. Frank, I praise God for articulate, faith-filled young men like you.
-- Paul V. Dudley, Bishop Emeritus of Sioux Falls

I have always noted that your own talks are pithy, very much to the point, very easy to listen to and extremely powerful. I am in complete agreement with everything that His Eminence (Cardinal O’Connor) says about you in his letter of endorsement. I can only say that he chose wisely and well when he selected Father Frank Pavone to be his ambassador around the country in promotion of the pro-life message and, in particular, Priests for Life.
-- Most Rev. James M. Moynihan, Bishop of Syracuse