We Are Ecumenical

The pro-life movement consists of men and women of every religious persuasion, and some of no religious persuasion. Priests for Life serves the entire movement. We therefore eagerly work together with everyone interested in ending abortion. Our seminars are attended by clergy of other denominations, and our materials are used by them as well.

Think of this: If your child needed emergency medical treatment, would you cooperate with the medical personnel to save your child, despite the religious affiliation of those personnel? If you would cooperate with someone of a different religion to save the life of your child, why should you not do so to save the life of someone else's child, in danger from abortion?

Click here for a guide to help pastors out of their fears about preaching on abortion.

Some other organizations especially geared to Christian pastors and their congregations of various denominations are:

National Pro-Life Religious Council
109 2nd St. NE
Washington, DC 20013

NPRC Newsletters

Charismatic Episcopal Church launches a "Priests for Life"

Pastors for Life
229 Siloam Rd
Easley, SC 29642
(803) 220-6317
Fax (803) 295-0105

Also visit our collection of pro-life links for many other groups of various denominations. 

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