Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day

by Frank Pavone

Friends, please return to this page every day for a new reflection that will enrich your daily prayer life and give you new vigor to stand up for the unborn.

These reflections are taken from a book written by Frank Pavone which you can order on our online store.

September 23

"Do not use your freedom as a means to cover up wrongdoing" (1 Peter 2:16).

Reflection: The public debate should not be whether the bishops will allow politicians to receive communion, but whether the politicians will allow children to be slaughtered. When we read the descriptions of what the abortion procedure does to little babies, we understand that the core question is not whether these politicians are good Catholics, but whether they are decent human beings.

Prayer: Lord, I pray today for every leader, every politician, and every person who remains blind to the evil of abortion. Stir their consciences, and enable me to be a light in the darkness. Amen.


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