Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day

by Frank Pavone

Friends, please return to this page every day for a new reflection that will enrich your daily prayer life and give you new vigor to stand up for the unborn.

These reflections are taken from a book written by Frank Pavone which you can order on our online store.

February 8

"From my mother's womb, you have been my God." (Psalm 22:11)

Reflection: Abortion supporters sometimes ask, "Why don't you focus on caring for people who are already alive?"
But if children in the womb are not already alive, why does it take an abortion procedure to kill them? When we speak about unborn children, we are not speaking about "possible" children; we are speaking about real children who are already quite alive.

Prayer: Father, open our eyes to recognize our brothers and sisters in every place where they live, including in their mothers' womb. Open our hearts to love them as you do. Amen.


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