Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day

by Frank Pavone

Friends, please return to this page every day for a new reflection that will enrich your daily prayer life and give you new vigor to stand up for the unborn.

These reflections are taken from a book written by Frank Pavone which you can order on our online store.

March 25

"Let it be done to me according to your word" (Luke 1:38).

Reflection: Facing an unplanned pregnancy, Mary freely chooses to accept the Child, and in doing so, acknowledges the primacy of the word. The truth of God's Word exists before her own choosing. She submits to a word, a truth, she did not create. At the heart of the "pro-choice" mentality, instead, is the idea that we create our own truth. This mentality holds that the value of the unborn child, and that child's right to exist, depend upon the choice of the mother.

Prayer: Lord, let it be done to me also according to your word, now and always! Amen!


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