One of the greatest consolations for those who have had their children aborted is to be able to help others avoid that tragedy. Testimonies by the thousands continue to be gathered by pro-life organizations and other counseling agencies who, more and more, are dealing with the destructive effects of the violent act of abortion as they impact the mother of the child.

The Silent No More Awareness Campaign is a Campaign whereby Christians make the public aware of the devastation abortion brings to women and men. The campaign seeks to expose and heal the secrecy and silence surrounding the emotional and physical pain of abortion.  There are over 1,600 testimonies posted on the Campaign website.

We post here the testimonies of individuals who have asked us to use their stories to help others. If you have a testimony, send it to us at

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"I regret my abortion.   I don't want you to suffer as I had.   That is why I am silent no more!"  Julia's testimony from the 2019 March for Life in Ottawa 
Gabby's Story
AK, United States
Gabby's story of fighting help and healing after abortion.
The Scars are Still There
OK, United States
"I would just go to counselors and different counseling groups to try to manage my new depression, but nothing really helped. I was a woman consumed by undealt with pain and resentment and unresolved grief."
December 1, 2007
MO, United States
"On December 1st, 2007, I aborted my daughter, Eva Rene, per the guidance of others who 'knew what was best for me.' I linger in pure hell daily because of this; it is heavy on my heart, more so than usual."

Things Did Not Get Better
OH, United States
"So, I ended up having the abortion. Things did not get better. He ended up leaving me.  The abortion affected so much of my life. The anger and hatred affected every aspect of my life."
Work in Progress
CA, United States
"The sadness I experienced was from such a combination of events.  Killing my own child I, rightly, couldn't shake.  It's because my child was with me...a life...I couldn't cut off the life within me.  I could kill him, but he would always remain with me."  

Deep Hidden Feelings
CA, United States
"I no longer have those deep hidden feelings of guilt and shame...and now I AM SILENT NO MORE!"
CA, United States
"I will regret my abortion till the day I go to heaven and see Anthony, but God has given me peace in the midst of sorrow.  What an honor it was when the Lord used me to lead a young gal, who was seeking an abortion, to Jesus.  She changed her mind and had her son!"
I Will Not Stay Quiet
NJ, United States
"The feeling of worthlessness after each one increased. I turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with the feelings of being a murderer. Every anniversary I mourn the loss of my children who should have been."
Lifetime of Hurt
CA, United States
"The truth was that I felt horrible afterwards. I couldn’t stop the regret and remorse, the pain that I felt. It is a pain that won’t go away. It feels like a lifetime of hurt, and I don’t want to have anyone go through that."
Precious Child
OR, United States
"Abortion is taking an innocent life. Abortion is absolutely wrong, no matter the circumstances. If you have an abortion you will regret it. That regret never leaves. In fact, I feel regretful almost every day when I look at my children and wonder what their sibling would have been like."
The Good Girl
PA, United States
"And no one knew of my abortions.  Not my mom.  Not my sister.  Not my husbands.  And the friend who accompanied me that first time drifted away.  Close relationships were lost to me."
Voice of Truth
FL, United States
"God has a mission for me now, to help other women find healing and forgiveness, to let them know there is a path out of the darkness, to be a voice for the voiceless, and to be the voice of truth in a world full of lies about the harm the abortion industry does to women."
Cece's 2020 Walk for Life Testimony
CA, United States
"Words can’t express the pain in my heart when I think about how distraught and desperate my daughter was to do something like this. Her abortion did not help her at all. It not only caused her unbearable pain, but our entire family."  Cece's 2020 Walk for Life Testimony
Frances's 2020 Walk for Life Testimony
OR, United States
"As the abortion was completed and the child within me die, but instead of the promised sense of relief, I felt an overwhelming guilt at what I had done. I walked home alone a spiritually dead young woman."  Frances's 2020 Walk for Life Testimony
Christina's 2020 Walk for Life Testimony
NM, United States
"Our pro-life advocacy continues.  My sons know they have both a brother Jacob and an aunt in heaven waiting for us.  We love and miss them both very much."  Christina's 2020 Walk for Life Testimony
Ken's 2020 Walk for Life Testimony
NM, United States
"The abortion of my son was completed against my will. I was hurting, feeling like I didn't do enough to save my child...I was angry with God.  I could not understand why He would let this happen."  Ken's 2020 Walk for Life Testimony
Mother Tabitha's 2020 Walk for Life Testimony
Mother Tabitha
CA, United States
"I know God has forgiven me for taking my little girl’s life, but I also know I will never completely forgive myself. My hope is that by exposing my deep dark secret to the world that through the grace of God, my words might touch at least one women's heart and change her mind about abortion."  Mother Tabitha's Walk for Life Testimony
"Some people say this is a woman’s issue.  I say when men abdicate their role of supporting, respecting, and caring for women, there will be issues!"  Barry's 2020 Walk for Life Testimony
"The reason I am silent no more is that you can’t erase people through abortion.  You will remember them someday, because they did have a life and were meant to be born, just like any other baby."  Elaine's 2020 Walk for Life Testimony
Meant to Be
MT, United States
The death and redemption of a child lost through abortion told through the eyes of that child.  A poem.
Betsy's 2020 Walk for Life Testimony
CA, United States
"And it was then that reality hit me, at least what I thought was reality, and see now is a lie—that I could never be good enough, good enough to be a mother, good enough to be anything in life." Betsy's 2020 Walk for Life testimony
Patti's 2020 Walk for Life Testimony
CA, United States
"I eventually hit bottom, thinking suicide was the only escape and ended up in a mental institution.  When asked by the admitting psychiatrist why I wanted to die I told him I was already dead inside and just wanted to finish the job."  Patti's 2020 Walk for Life Testimony
Debbie's 2020 Walk for Life Testimony
CA, United States
"I thought I was ok. God forgave me, Right? Well, yes and no.  It wasn’t until I went to a healing program that I was also able to forgive myself, which was the hardest thing ever."  Debbie's 2020 Walk for Life Testimony
Leslie's 2020 Walk for Life Testimony
CA, United States
"At the retreat I was able to give honor and dignity to my child. My “simple procedure” has a name her name is Rebecca and she is my daughter and I am her Mom." Leslie's 2020 Walk for Life Testimony
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