One of the greatest consolations for those who have had their children aborted is to be able to help others avoid that tragedy. Testimonies by the thousands continue to be gathered by pro-life organizations and other counseling agencies who, more and more, are dealing with the destructive effects of the violent act of abortion as they impact the mother of the child.

The Silent No More Awareness Campaign is a Campaign whereby Christians make the public aware of the devastation abortion brings to women and men. The campaign seeks to expose and heal the secrecy and silence surrounding the emotional and physical pain of abortion.  There are over 1,600 testimonies posted on the Campaign website.

We post here the testimonies of individuals who have asked us to use their stories to help others. If you have a testimony, send it to us at

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After the abortion, I woke up and I grabbed my stomach and there was another somebody who was there. “It’s gone, it’s gone,” I choked out. The tears started. She said, “don’t do this to yourself,” and put her hands on my shoulder. I got up quickly, they gave me some water or juice or something and they immediately gave me my clothes which is weird with all the pain.
After that abortion, I stopped being active in school activities.  I went from being involved in almost every extracurricular activity to being involved in none.  I became promiscuous and really just didn't care anymore.

I deeply regret having these abortions and would go back in time if I could to change the course?? and that’s why I am SILENT NO MORE!!!

It's not Just a Medical Procedure
CA, United States
I want to share my testimony to help other women to avoid the pain that I have dealt with for many years. It’s not just a medical procedure, but something that can affect your entire life.
Abortion Changes a Woman Forever
TX, United States
But, it wasn't God punishing me. It was my free will, God had given me. I didn't know the things I did, would have some kind of impact in my life. Without realizing it at the time. Abortion changes a woman forever.
I was 17 when I had an abortion. I wanted nothing more than to keep my baby. I waited until I was 10 weeks to finally tell my mom because I knew she would be extremely upset with me. 
I was a very liberal college student in the late 70s.  I believed in "women's liberation" from a teen.  That meant not being encumbered by children until successful; having an important career; not needing our man.
She Never Told me About the Pregnancy
NC, United States
She never told me about the pregnancy.

We got married in 1980 and after two weeks of being married she was feeling so guilty that she told me that she aborted our baby in 1978.

I love the Lord and I am always recovering from sadness, but God cured my grief. God has saved me from the depths of grieve that is endless and gave me new life and new life abundantly. Go to Jesus...He is seeking you and do not waste time because he loves you abundantly.

Letter to my past self
United States

I wish someone had been by your side to give you good advice, advise that in the short term was not easy to follow, but in the long term would have saved you a flood of tears.

I was 20 when I had an abortion. I am now 70 and though I’ve healed, I still wonder what this child would have become. I went on to marry and have 3 children and one miscarriage/ectopic pregnancy. The miscarriage is what triggered the need for counseling.
I was able to honor the short life of my baby and accept that even though I will never get to hold that baby in my arms, I am a mother.

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