Open Letter Concerning the Killing of “Baby Amanda”

On November 3, 2022, National Public Radio (NPR) aired the sounds of the killing of a Child through abortion. 

The baby has been name Baby Amanda Marie, for the name Amanda means “she who ought to be loved.” 

To those who were involved in this killing, and to any others aware of it, we wish to communicate the following:

First, to the mother of this Child:

Dear Mother,

We are with you, and God is with you. We are not here to condemn or punish you, but to express our love and care for you. We wish we could have helped you avoid abortion; and even now, we want to help you heal from its wound, as we have helped so many others.

We do not know precisely what motivated you to have this abortion, nor how aware you were of what precisely an abortion is, i.e., that it is the taking of the life of a real human being, the taking of the life of your very own Child, Dear Mother.  We know that the abortion industry preys on vulnerable women—women who are in difficult situations, experiencing confusion in their minds and fear in their hearts—and this evil industry wickedly presents abortion as the “solution” to the problems of such women, whereas abortion will do nothing but greatly increase the problems of such women. 

Further, this industry intentionally keeps women in ignorance concerning the reality of the development of their children and what an abortion does to those children.  We suspect that you were one of these women.  Did those who killed your baby tell you that your baby, at 11 weeks, already had a beating heart, brain waves, fingers, toes, etc., etc., etc., that your baby was, well, a baby?  Did they tell you that?  We doubt it.  Did they tell you that the abortion suction machine would rip your baby apart—that this Precious Child would likely try to avoid the killing machine (as other babies have been seen to do on ultrasounds—but, to no avail: that, eventually, that death machine would pull apart your baby, that your child’s beating heart would stop beating, that your child’s limbs would be sucked apart, etc., and that, afterwards, these killers of your baby would need to “assemble” all the various parts of your Precious Baby’s body to make sure they “got it all”.  Did they tell you this, Dear Mother?   Had they done so, we highly doubt you would have gone through with this “procedure” which, as you can tell, from this description here (which is only a small part of the full and horrific description of abortion), is nothing less that the destruction of a real human being, your Precious Little One.

Dearest Mother, our hearts go out to you, our hearts weep for you, and your Child.  We know that you were already in a difficult place interiorly to even consider abortion and, now, having ended the life of your Child, you are most surely in an even darker, more difficult place (and, if you do not recognize that yet, dear Mother, in due time, if you are honest, you will realize that you are hurting, deeply hurting).  As many women who have had abortions have said, abortion does not merely hurt women, it destroys them.

But, Dearest Mother, there is hope: Jesus Christ is your hope.  He is loving, He is merciful, He is your Savior.  Simply repent of your sin against your Precious Little One (whom we have taken the liberty to honor with the name of “Amanda Marie”, for “Amanda” means “she who ought to be loved” and “Marie” is a beautiful form of the name of the Mother of God, the Mother of Jesus Christ).  Repent of your sin, Mother, and Christ will forgive you, as will your Little One, Baby Amanda.  We pray that, one day, in the next life, that you will be reunited with your Precious Little One in an eternity of joy; we pray that you can begin to experience this reconciliation with your Child even in this life, through repentance and a life of reparation.  Go to Jesus, receive the forgiveness that He offers through His Church (and the Sacraments of His Church), and then have hopeful confidence that, yes, one day, you WILL be with your Child again in an eternity of joy.  Amen.

To the abortionist and to the others who worked with him/her in murdering Baby Amanda,

            Whereas we have good reason to believe that the mother of this Child (who, now, has a name, Baby Amanda) was largely ignorant of precisely what she was doing when she asked you for an abortion, we have little reason to believe that you were ignorant of the fact that abortion is murder.  For, you know full well the development of the Child, you know full well that abortion rips apart that Child, and, thus, you know full well that abortion is, in a word, murder, and murder of the worst kind: murder of the most innocent, defenseless, and precious human beings—little babies!—and before these Precious Little Ones can ever enjoy even the light of day!  Shame on you for murdering Baby Amanda!  We exhort you to repent of this brutal murder of a Precious Child in the womb, of Precious Baby Amanda, and that you go to Jesus Christ, begging for mercy. We exhort you to think about and picture Baby Amanda, and express your sorrow to her for taking her life!

We will pray for you, surely—for, our exhortations here are done, first, out of love for Baby Amanda, and a desire to vindicate this Child, but, also, out of love for you, that you be not lost, that you repent so as not to lose your own salvation, but instead, like many Saints of old, go from a life of sin to a life of holiness! Repent deeply in your heart for brutally murdering Precious Baby Amanda Marie (and for making a show of her death on the air, the death of a fellow human being and a baby at that!), as well as your part in the murders of any other children in the womb which you have committed, resolve now to no longer kill children, and then live a life of intense reparation.  Go to Jesus Christ and His Church, the Catholic Church, for the graces of forgiveness that you so desperately need.  We love you, and we pray for you, even if we are also, at the same time, extremely disgusted and angry at how you have treated Little Amanda (and so many others like her). 

To the workers of NPR who aired the murder of Baby Amanda,

            You missed something.

            You say you described an abortion, but all we heard were some words about the mother and the machine.

            Why didn’t you describe what was removed from this woman? What did the vacuum suction out of her?

At 11 weeks into pregnancy, the baby is 9 weeks old from fertilization. For comparison, the “Precious Feet” pins that  you often see pro-life people wearing represent a baby’s feet just a few days after this age. At 9 weeks, the baby is the size of a small tomato and just about every component of every body system is already present. The baby’s heart has already beat over 9 million times. At this age, the baby’s face, palms of the hands, and soles of the feet respond to light touch. The mouth opens and closes; the tongue moves. The baby can swallow amniotic fluid. This baby sighs, stretches, and moves his/her head. The baby has begun sucking her thumb, yawning, and grasping objects.

None of these facts are mentioned in the your report, including the fact that this entire body system is pulled apart by that vacuum and sucked down a plastic tube and into a collection jar.

Abortionist Harlan Raymond Giles was asked under oath, “Can the heart of a fetus or embryo still be beating during a suction curettage abortion as the fetus or embryo comes down the cannula? Answer: For a few seconds to a minute, yes.” (Sworn testimony given in US District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin (Madison, WI, May 27, 1999, Case No. 98-C-0305-S)).

That isn’t mentioned in your story either.

And as for what the staff did at the end of the day, it wasn’t just paper and stocks that they had to deal with. They had to dispose of the body parts – the parts of every body system that you and I also have.

We have similar words to you as we do to the abortionist and those who worked with him/her to kill Little Amanda: shame on you, NPR, for airing the brutal murder of a Baby in the womb, shame on you for dishonoring Baby Amanda Marie by flaunting her death over the air!  May God have mercy on your soul!  Your actions were beyond disgraceful (and that you used taxpayers dollars for such an atrocity makes it even worse)!  On the Last Day, when Jesus Christ comes again, you will see not only Jesus Christ Himself, but this Little Child, whose murder, whose death you made light of, and you will need to face this Child, and answer to this Child why you made show of her unjust killing, of her murder.  We pray that before that day comes, you will embrace the gift of repentance and receive the merciful forgiveness of Christ, which he so wants to give you.

To the public who heard the abortion which killed Baby Amanda,

            By now, you see that, in listening to the abortion that was aired on NPR, you heard the killing, the deliberate killing, the murder, of a real baby, Baby Amanda.  Sadly, Amanda is hardly alone: thousands of Children across the nation (and many more around the world) are murdered in the womb daily as she was   This is the issue.  Our hearts should break over any child abuse, even over one child.  Our hearts should break even more over the murder of even one child!  And this is done under cover of “law” (it is an unjust “law” so not real “law” anyway. In the abortion of Baby Amanda, we most grotesquely heard one of these murders: we heard the murder of a real, living Baby, who, sadly, is no longer with us because of what happened to her in that abortion: she was unjustly killed, she was murdered, by the abortionist who murdered her.  Realize the horror of every abortion, realize the horror of this abortion, of the killing of Baby Amanda, honor her in your hearts, and then do all you can to end this most horrible of atrocities, legalized abortion.

In Christ and Mary,

(Signers of this statement).

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