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To Live Each Day with Dignity: A Statement on Physician-Assisted Suicide - United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (June 2011)
Congregation For The Doctrine Of The Faith: Responses To Certain Questions Of The United States Conference Of Catholic Bishops Concerning Artificial Nutrition And Hydration
Q and A on Euthanasia 
The case of Terri Schindler-Schiavo
Will to Live, Not Living Will - Order the Will to Live at
International Task Force on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide is one of the world's leading organizations in this field.
US Bishops Website: Euthanasia
Address Of John Paul II To Participants In The International Congress On "Life-Sustaining Treatments And Vegetative State: Scientific Advances And Ethical Dilemmas" (March 20, 2004)
Declaration on Euthanasia Iura et Bona (Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, May 5, 1980)
Statement on Euthanasia (Administrative Committee, National Conference of Catholic Bishops, 1991).
Nutrition and Hydration- A Statement of the NCCB Committee for Pro-Life Activities (April, 1992)
Finding Meaning Amid My Disabilities - An Interview with Robert Provan
Talk by Fr. Frank Pavone on "The Right to Die."
Help in Dying
Homily on Dangers of Euthanasia and Living Wills
"Always to Care, Never to Kill": A Joint Statement of Scholars on Euthanasia
Little Sisters of the Poor Respond to European Parliament Measure
An excellent recent book is Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia: Past & Present by Dr. J.C.Willke, MD et al. (1998) available from Hayes Publishing Co., 6304 Hamilton Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45224.
Euthanasia: False Light - This 15-minute video contains moving testimony both from medical experts and people who resisted the false solution of euthanasia. Order from Iaeft, PO Box 760, Steubenville, OH 43952.
"Final Blessing," a one-hour video and discussion guide on the spiritual dimension of terminal illness, can be ordered from the US Catholic Conference, 800-235-8722.
"Freedom to Die"
Brief Reflections on Euthanasia
Third Sermon of Bishop Clemens von Galen, August 3, 1941, condemning "Mercy Killing"
Recent Euthanasia Legislation 1990-1995
Glucksberg v. Washington (9th Circuit decision - Full text)
The National Catholic Bioethics Center provides an opportunity on their website for visitors to request an expert consultation on difficult end-of-life care issues. 
National Association of Pro-Life Nurses: Living Wills are Not the Answer
Various articles on Euthanasia.
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