Name the Aborted Babies Found in Illinois


Thank you for the tremendous response that we at Priests for Life, as well as Citizens for a Pro-life Society, have received to our offer to have you help us name the babies who were killed by abortionist George Klopfer.

We have now named all the babies who were found on his property, but certainly he has killed many more than that, which is why it is perfectly OK for you to continue sending us names.

The understanding is that these are names for other children he killed during his time as an abortionist at three different abortion mills in Indiana.

I recently spoke to Vice President Mike Pence about this. He was, as you know, Governor of Indiana, and one of the laws he signed was the one which provides for the humane treatment of the remains of aborted babies. 

To recap what has happened, on September 12, some 2246 bodies of aborted babies were discovered in abortionist Klopfer’s home.

More recently, another 165 bodies were found on another property of his, bringing the total to 2411.

There may well be more bodies discovered at some point.

Klopfer, and the entire abortion industry, dehumanize these children, and in the process, they dehumanize themselves. 

In fact, in a society that allows abortion, we all get dehumanized in the process. It becomes harder to give the unborn the protection and respect they deserve as persons.

Mourning these children, remembering them, burying them, and giving them a name, is part of the process of re-humanizing them, our society, and ourselves.

The first people who should take part in such a process are, of course, the parents and grandparents, and other relatives of these babies. 

In my role as Pastoral Director of both Rachel’s Vineyard and of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, my team and I assist parents, grandparents, and other family members around the world who mourn the children they lost through abortion. Part of that grieving process is to name the children.

If any family members come forward to name the babies found on abortionist Klopfer’s property, those names will be applied to the children. Some, in giving us names, have indicated that should a relative come forward, the other names they have given can be applied instead to other babies that Klopfer killed.

So there is plenty of room in this process for everyone.

And the reason that others, who are not family members, should be given the chance to name these babies is simply that we have all been wounded and dehumanized by legal abortion, and we all need to heal and help each other heal and re-humanize the victims and ourselves. 

These children have been abandoned by their parents. Some of those parents repent; but unfortunately, most of them will never be heard from again. 

But God has entrusted us all to the care of one another, as St. John Paul II pointed out in “The Gospel of Life.” 

“The God of the Covenant has entrusted the life of every individual to his or her fellow human beings, brothers and sisters” (The Gospel of Life, n. 76). 

We are all brothers and sisters. There are no strangers in the human family. And therefore, in the name of the Lord, we can care for our brothers and sisters who have been abandoned by abortion, just as we care for our brothers and sisters whose parents abandon them at other stages of life.

That care includes acknowledging their personhood by giving them the name their parents failed to give them.

So thank you for being part of this effort.

Along with bestowing a name, please also join me in this special prayer for these and all aborted babies.

Please also see the special broadcast I did about this, including footage from several funerals of aborted babies I have conducted in the past, and the press conference and additional broadcast from the site of Klopfer’s South Bend abortion mill.

And please read, share and comment on Janet Morana's article related to this story which appeared in the National Catholic Register: Help for Healing, and a Hopeful Sign, in South Bend Abortionist Case.

Find out more about honoring the aborted babies who have been buried through the National Day of Remembrance.

God bless you!

Frank Pavone, National Director 

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