African Anti-Abortion Coalition
Collaboration of pro-life groups from 53 African countries

Africa Cares for Life
Group networks pregnancy care centers in African countries while supporting preventative and curative services to women, children and families affected by related issues such as rape, miscarriages, abortion, STI and HIV/AIDS.

Christians United for Life
An international Pro-life organization. We are foot soldiers for Jesus Christ and we are dedicated to changing hearts and saving babies’ lives through positive messages and education of all those whom we come in contact with. All Christian denominations are welcome to join us as we want to unite with all pro-lifers in prayer and action - we are the pro-life generation (prayer warriors & foot soldiers for Jesus Christ).

See this website’s introduction with the beautiful fetal development pictures and audio.



Priests for Life
PO Box 236695 • Cocoa, FL 32923
Tel. 321-500-1000, Toll Free 888-735-3448 • Email: