International Pro-Life Organizations
Where to go for adoption including weekly chat hours, bulletin boards and chat rooms; Adoption Library

Adoption Network
This site provides a wide variety of adoption information.

Anencephaly Net
On this site you can read beautiful stories about parents who chose to continue a pregnancy knowing their unborn baby would die before or shortly after birth.

Anglicans for Life
A life-affirming ministry in the Worldwide Anglican Communion.

Apostolate for Family Consecration
The restoration of the Culture of Life must come through the Family. Catechesis and Adoration are keys.

Association for Pre- &Perinatal Psychology and Health
An organization dedicated to furthering research and information on the psychological aspects of prenatal and perinatal development

Be Not Afraid
We are an online pro-life outreach to parents who have received a poor or difficult prenatal diagnosis.

Bethany Christian Services
Crisis pregnancy help and adoption agency

Billings Ovulation Method
Official international site of Drs. Billings, pioneers of the Billings Ovulation Method of Natural Family Planning
Global information source on bioethics news and issues.

Birthright International
Birthright provides positive and loving alternatives to abortion with many services including friendship and emotional support, free pregnancy tests, legal, medical, and financial assistance, assistance with housing, referral to social agencies, and maternity and baby clothes.

Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-FAM)
Educates public on family and human rights issues related to U.N. activities
Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity
This is an international educational center whose purpose is to bring Christian perspectives to bear on contemporary bioethical challenges facing individuals, families, communities, and societies. Projects to date have addressed such topics as euthanasia, genetic technologies, abortion, and the changing face of health care.

Charismatic Episcopal Church
This is the official Pro-Life Ministry of the Charismatic Episcopal Church which stands 100% for Life.
Christian Medical and Dental Associations
"Changing hearts in healthcare"…
Compassionate Healthcare Network
CHN consists of both professional and lay people who CARE about the crisis medicine and healthcare are experiencing, and promote 'Aid in Living'. CHN opposes euthanasia by actively defending the inherent value of all human life.
Couple to Couple League
Natural Family Planning

An international organization of men and women struggling with homosexual feelings who support one another, striving to live chaste lives in accordance with the Church's magisterial teachings.
Doctors for Life International, Inc.
Our members are medical doctors, specialists, dentists, veterinary surgeons and professors of medicine from various medical faculties across South Africa and abroad, in private practice and in government institutions.

Elizabeth Ministry International
We are an international movement designed to support women and their families during the joys, trials and sorrows of the childbearing years.
Family of the Americas Foundation
Provides information and training on the ovulation method of Natural Family Planning
Focus on the Family
Dr. Dobson's non-profit Christian international organization dedicated to "comprehensive, rational and biblically-based conception of the family for those in greatest need"
Franciscan Friars of the Renewal
Learn of the life and ministry of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal. A strong aspect of their apostolic work is witness to the sanctity of life.

God's Plan for Life
Our mission is to proclaim God's plan for life.  Plan a Humanae Vitae Conference in your area for priests, deacons, men and women Religious. 

Healing Hearts Ministries International
Post-abortion trauma help

Heartbeat International
First network of pro-life pregnancy resource centers in the U.S. and the largest in the world
Hope for Children, Inc.
This is a non-profit, private adoption agency which also provides international humanitarian aid.
Human Life International
Pro-life missionaries to the world with resources in English, French, Polish and Spanish!
I.A.E.T.F. International Anti-Euthanasia Task Force
Information on euthanasia, assisted suicide, Jack Kevorkian, "right-to-die" cases, disability rights, pain control

International Life Services
Organization focused primarily in the United States and Canada serves the community by promoting Judeo-Christian values applied to family life, sexuality, and bioethical issues.
International Theological Institute for Studies on Marriage and the Family (ITI)
 The ITI was founded for the study of Catholic theology as a unified whole within which particular attention is devoted to the theme of marriage and the family.
International Week of Prayer and Fasting
This is a worldwide prayer and fasting campaign for the conversion of nations, and end to abortion and to build a culture of life.
Just One Life / NefeshAchatB'Yisrael
With offices in Jerusalem and New York,we are a voluntary, nonprofit organization, whose focus is the Israeli family who is faced with the dilemma of an untimely or medically at risk pregnancy.
Knights of Columbus
Protecting Catholic Families for Generations, Proclaiming the Faith, Defending Life
Join or create the life chain in your community!
Life Coalition International
As an International Coalition of Pro-Life Missionaries, our vision is to participate in the "Great Commission" by
accurately representing God's heart concerning the unborn.
Life Decisions International
Challenging the agenda of Planned Parenthood worldwide...
Life International
Evangelical Christian organization offering healthy life-giving ministries in countries where abortion is provided
International news service dedicated to issues of culture, life and family (based in Canada)
Lutherans for Life
MaterCare International
Group of Catholic obstetricians / gynecologists and midwives dedicated to improving the lives and health of mothers
and their unborn children throughout the world in accordance with the contemporary teachings of the
Encyclical Evangelium Vitae (the Gospel of Life)
Pharmacists for Life International
"Let the gift of medicines promote life, not destroy life."
Pontifical Academy for Life
The Academy was established by Pope John Paul II to study issues connected with the defense of human life from an interdisciplinary perspective
Pontifical Council for the Family
Council of the Roman Curia responsible for the promotion of the pastoral ministry and apostolate to the family
through the application of the teachings and guidelines of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church
Population Research Institute 
Fights international population control policies
Protection of Conscience Project
Protection of Conscience Laws (PCL's) ensure that people cannot be forced to participate in medical procedures
to which they object for reasons of conscience.
Rachel’s Vineyard
A ministry of Priests for Life, Rachel's Vineyard offers women and men weekends for healing after abortion
along with a 13-week support group model around the world. 
See also:
Rachel’s Vineyard – Australia
Rachel’s Vineyard – Ireland
Ramah International Inc.
This group advocates serves the needs of individuals who have experienced abortion, along with
providing post-abortion resources, research and training programs for the church.
Renewal Ministries
Fosters evangelization in the Catholic Church

Saint Charbel for Life
The first Arabic Pro-life site on the Internet with information in English and French

Seminarian Life Link
This is an international effort to exchange information among seminarians on pro-life issues, via the Internet and retreat programs.
Silent No More Awareness Campaign
A Project of Priests for Life and Anglicans for Life, the Campaign creates a safe place for women to break their silence about the pain of abortion, speak the truth and let others know they’re not alone. 
Stand Up Girl
This “outpost for the inmost" is a site for girls who are scared, pregnant and alone and advocates a pro-woman approach while stressing the humanity of the child through in-uterovideography (embryoscopy and 3-D ultrasound).
Women for Faith and Family
Helping women understand and witness to the Catholic Faith

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