In 2018, Mississippi passed a law protecting babies in the womb starting at 15-weeks gestation. Although this law was struck down in the lower courts, the Supreme Court reviewed it to answer the question as to whether laws that protect babies that early in pregnancy (or any time prior to viability) are all unconstitutional.

This is a critically important question, since such laws are routinely judged as unconstitutional. Yet, as we know, the Constitution says nothing about abortion, and these “rules” about how and when pro-life laws violate the Constitution are really nothing more than a figment of the Justices’ imaginations, entangling the Court in an endless task of being the nation’s medical review board on abortion. No other medical procedure is subject to that kind of constitutional evaluation.

On the buttons above you will find information about the case, Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health, and about what Priests for Life and other groups are doing in response to it.

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in this case on December 1, 2021. At the "arguments" button above you will find more information. A draft decision was leaked on May 2nd, and you will also find information here about that document and the arguments it makes.

You will also find here our prayer campaign for victory in this case.

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