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September 2, 2018: Homily given at St Nicholas of Tolentine Church, Philadelphia: “Cleaning the Inside of the Cup” -

August 26, 2018: Homily on the words of Peter: “Where are we to go? You have the words if eternal life.” Delivered at St Nicholas of Tolentine Church, Philadelphia. Peter’s encouragement in strained times in the church.

2018 Lenten Mission in Bally, PA: Our Restless Hearts Need God’s GPS From Here to Eternity

Description of all Four Talks - Listen to the Talks

March 26, 2017: Homily for the Fourth Sunday of Lent's Gospel on cured Blind man and Pharisees in the Abortion Debate - St Joseph Church on the Brandywine, Wilmington, DE [Audio]

January 22, 2017: Homily on January 22, 2017 at Sacred Heart Parish, Richmond, TX [Video]

Our Restless Hearts Need God’s GPS for Eternity
2017 Parish Mission with Fr. Denis Wilde, OSA
Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Peachtree City, GA

Where is that GPS when I need it?: Our destiny is mapped with the compass of Conscience and Creed.

That GPS is handed to us!: Our Church lavishes Sacraments to set our eternal bearings.

People of Life leave no one by the wayside: Our lives matter – born and unborn – welcomed and revered on the Way.

Our Life, Our Sweetness and Our Hope: Our Lady points us to the Way on our journey.

Epiphany homily given at the start of the mission.

September 9, 2014: EWTN Televised Mass [Audio] [Video]

July 27, 2014: Homily at St. Mark Church, Highlands Ranch, CO

April 10, 2014: EWTN Televised Mass: I and the Father are One [Audio] [Transcript]

April 9, 2014: EWTN Televised Mass: Loyalty in Trails of Trials [Audio] [Video] [Transcript]

April 8, 2014: EWTN Televise Mass: If I be Lifted Up: From the Poison to the Passion [Audio] [Video] [Transcript]

March 13, 2014: EWTN televised Mass: Courage in the Time of Crisis is contagious [Audio] [Video] [Transcript]

March 12, 2014: EWTN televised Mass: The Nineveh effect-contrition, confession, conversion [Audio] [Video] [Transcript]

March 11, 2014: EWTN televised Mass: Harvesting the Word yields mercy and forgiveness [Audio] [Video] [Transcript]

February 20, 2014: EWTN televised Mass: Discrimination breeds moral injustice-race, religion and life [Audio] [Video] [Text]

February 19, 2014: EWTN televised Mass: I was blind but now I see [Audio] [Video] [Text]

February 18, 2014: EWTN televised Mass: Doing it My Way: The temptation to make God in our image and likeness [Audio] [Video] [Text]

September 13, 2013: EWTN televised Mass [Audio] [Video] [Spanish Audio]

September 12, 2013: EWTN televised Mass [Audio] [Video] [Spanish Audio]

September 10, 2013: EWTN televised Mass [Audio] [Video] [Spanish Audio]

April 12, 2013: EWTN televised Mass [Audio] [Transcript]

April 10, 2013: EWTN televised Mass [Audio] [Transcript]

Fr. Wilde on Holy Family Radio - October 1, 2012

May 29, 2012: EWTN televised Mass [Audio]

Homily for Terri's Day Mass - March 30, 2012 (PDF)

International Life services - Advanced Training Institute 2011: [Track 1] - [Track 2] - [Track 3] - [Track 4] - [Track 5] - [Track 6] - [Track 7] - [Track 8] - [Track 9] - [Track 10] - [Track 11] - [Track 12]

December 19, 2011: EWTN televised Mass [English] [Spanish]

December 18, 2011: EWTN televised Mass [English] [Spanish]

October 5, 2011: EWTN televised Mass

Homily for the Feast of the Annunciation - March 25, 2011

Civic Response To The Gospel of Life Homily - October 9, 2004

Video: Talk from Pro-Life Prayer Breakfast and Conference for the Diocese of Joliet, IL [part 1]  [part 2] - August 20, 2011

Fr. Denis Wilde, OSA on Holy Spirit Radio - March 14, 2008

Talk at Christ the King Church, Mesa, AZ - January 6, 2008

Homilies at Christ the King Church, Mesa, AZ - January 6, 2008 [homily 1] [homily 2]

Homilies from St. Peter Church, Antioch, IL - November 2007

Talk to Teens at St. Peter Church, Antioch, IL - November 2007

Homily from the EWTN Live Televised Mass - September 12, 2007

St. Joseph Communications Sunday Conference with Fr. Wilde

Show the Truth - Catholic Life with Dina Marie Hale - October 21 and 23, 2005

Living Bread Radio Interview - July 9, 2005

Come Back to Me - Amarillo, TX - March 13 2005

St. Bartholomew Church, Columbus, IN - January 15, 2005

Understanding, Engaging and Fighting the Abortion War in America - May 17, 2003

Fr. Wilde on WEEU Radio - November 22, 2002

Pro-Life Homily  - April 2002

Apologetics in the Pro-life Movement - May 21, 2001

Sharing the Heart of the Christina Faith - Immaculate Heart Radio Voices for Life

Talk at California Marian Conference

Putting it on the Line - [Part 1] and [Part 2] - October 2001

May 2, 2001: EWTN televised Mass [Audio]

Fr. Wilde at the Holy Family Fest: Holiness - August 4, 1999

Fr. Wilde on In His Sign Network: Euthanasia - May 24, 1999

Putting it on the Line: The Effects of Abortion in our Lives - May 10, 1999

Fr. Wilde in the News

The five “P’s” of pro-life explained by keynoter at annual Respect Life Dinner (The Catholic Post, October 5, 2016)

A Priests For Life director is arrested during protest at White House (Associated Press, February 17, 2012)

Fr. Denis Visits the Knights (, October 12, 2011)

Constitutional amendment 'a fortress' against abortion (Malta Times, April 8, 2009)

Jesus and Mary can help us through life’s challenges, speakers say (The Criterion, June 27, 2008)

Life message is Augustinian’s mission (The Catholic Explorer, 2005)

Fr Denis Wilde of Priests for Life speaks on Abortion in New Orleans (Clarion Herald, 1999)



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