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Excerpts Pertaining to Abortion

Priests for Life has compiled quotes from the various Fathers of the Church and their contemporaries. The sources were either found in their original Latin and then translations were located or a translation of the Greek was found. In instances where a translation could not be found, a private translation was made. This is noted after each such text. The collection is not complete although it is extensive.

We will continue to develop this section of our website. In this collection, we have included some pre-Christian texts so as to offer a foretaste of other sources which we will be providing. The next development will be to locate and provide the Medieval texts which discuss abortion.

To view the sources, simply click on the names below.

Pre-Christian Sources

Didache: The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles

Quotes from Early Councils 

The Apocalypse of Peter (ca. 135)

Tertullian (c.160-240)

Athenagoras (d. 177)

Minucius (3rd Century AD)

Basil (c.329-379)

Ambrose (c.340-397)

Jerome (347-420)

John Chrysostom (347-407)

Augustine of Hippo (354-430)

St. Caesarius, Bishop of Arles (470-543)

Theodorus Priscianus (c.4th-5th century AD)

Justinian (527-565)

Gregory the Great (540-604)

Disciple of Cassiodorus (after 540 AD)

Apocalypse of Paul

The Apostolic Constitutions

The Letter of Barnabas


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