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Sites are listed alphabetically by organization  name. The links below go to sites that have a special emphasis on right to life issues.

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40 Days for Life
We are a community-based campaign that draws attention to the evil of abortion through the use of a three-point program of Prayer and fasting, Constant vigil and Community outreach.

101 Girls Guide – We are an organization that helps girls make informed choices about abortion

911 Babies
We offer a way for you to wear your pro-life stand and support a cause in multiple ways. To help support this ministry and the help we are offering to save little lives we are launching a line of T-shirts that will be a billboard of pro-life everywhere you go.

Abba Pregnancy Care Center of Winchester, VA
We are a Christian organization providing truthful information and compassionate help concerning pregnancies, affirming life and promoting abstinence.

Simply put, we are out to educate young people about the injustice of abortion through a comprehensive and engaging website.

Abortion Advocates
This is the latest list of companies who have donated funds between 1988 and 1999 to organizations that promote abortion.

Abortion, Does It Matter?
Here you can see an inspirational picture of 4400 abortion memorial crosses.

Abortion: Engage the Debate
Our purpose is to show how politicians undemocratically refuse to engage the abortion debate. We provide sample correspondence for citizens to encourage their representatives to engage this debate.

Abortion Essay
I attempt to answer the questions: Why has the tragedy of abortion happened in our time and what can we do to stop it?

Abortion Facts
This is a website, constructed by Heritage House, that seeks to bring together quality information on the abortion debate from many sources.

Abortion Industry in Melbourne, FL
This site provides news and Facts about the abortion industry in Florida.

Abortion and the Market Failure Theory
Pro-life sentiment exists within a substantial minority of classical liberals.

Abortion Safety
Our database of abortion malpractice information is completely free to use.

Abortion TV
Visit this site of abortion information presented in a unique style.

Abstinence Clearinghouse
This is a non-profit national educational organization that promotes the appreciation for and practice of sexual abstinence.

Accuracy in Media
For fairness, balance and accuracy in news reporting…

ACT (Associated Conservatives of Texas)
Texas grassroots information network dedicated to preserving life and liberty in our land (Check out information on Project Truth.)

Adding My Voice Against Abortion
This website gives Pro-Life responses to common "pro-choice" arguments.

Adoption Share
We provide networking and information services for adoptive parents, parents considering adoption, and licensed adoption entities.
We are affirming life in greater Cincinnati and beyond.

Aid for Women
An online pregnancy counseling center

Alabama Physicians for Life
The Physicians For Life web site contains/will contain detailed abortion information, euthanasia information, STD information, and abstinence material aimed at teens, parents, concerned citizens, and physicians.

Alaska Interior Right to Life
We are working to change people's hearts and minds to protect the precious gift of life from conception to natural death.

Alliance for Life Ministries
We are a conservative, family-oriented organization with an interdenominational Christian philosophy. We promote the sanctity (sacredness) of all human life from a Biblical and biological perspective.

Allied Women's Center of San Antonio
The Center encourages women to bring their pregnancies to term and helps them with their needs after their child is born.

American Association of Pro Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists
Our purpose is to reaffirm the unique value and dignity of individual human life in all stages of growth and development from conception onward.

American Portrait Films
We have the largest selection of pro-life videos on the web.

America's Choice
This site seeks to educate you about the abortion issue in an easy-to-understand fashion.

America’s Crisis Pregnancy Helpline
A national hotline resource that helps people find their local CPC or maternity home, and offers counseling and education over the phone.

American Center for Law and Justice
An international public interest law firm that focuses on pro-life, pro-family, and pro-liberty cases

American Family Association
Pro-family Christian association fighting evils such as pornography…

American Life League
Full-featured, regularly-updated site

American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property
This site is dedicated to studying the foundations of tradition and the ways to counteract disintegration in society. (If you experience difficulty with the above link, type this address into your web browser:

American Victims of Abortion
"The primary work of AVA involves broad-based public awareness campaigns. Some of our efforts involve legislative initiatives and judicial activity."

The Americans to Ban Cloning Coalition
We promote a global, comprehensive ban on human cloning.

Americans United for Life
AUL is a national public-interest law firm dedicated to reinstating respect for human life through law and education.

Angelorum Pregnancy Services
Online pregnancy resources

Anglicans for Life
We are here to empower, equip, encourage, and educate you for life!

Anglican Priests for Life
Anglican Catholic Church in Erie, PA

Angela Baird Memorial
In eternal memory of Angela Louise Baird, dedicated and courageous young prolifer, who died after being rescued from falling into a ravine

Anti-Abortion Signs
Our approach is to simply show our neighbors what abortion really looks like, through the production and sale of a series of unique, large color photo signs.

Arch of Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
The purpose of this vast undertaking is to promote the Culture of Life and the New Springtime of the Church.

Archdiocese of Indianapolis Office of Pro-Life Activities
The Pro-Life Office seeks to reach out to parish based pro-life groups and serve as a resource for them as they address the issues of life.

Arizona for Life
Our mission is to coordinate the pro-life cause in Arizona.

Arizona Right to Life
Arizona's strongest, oldest and largest pro-life organization.

Arkansas Right to Life
ARTL's primary purpose is to educate through the presentation of detailed and factual information about fetal development, abortion, alternatives to abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, and related issues.

Art In Utero
Lisa Wood paints portraits of babies in utero from sonograms.

 Artists For Life - We bring together artists from the music, television and film industries that lend their gifts to projects that give a voice to the voiceless.

Artwork with a Catholic, prolife theme

Atheist and Agnostic Pro-Life League
A nontheistic and nonreligious opposition to the life-denying horror of abortion

Baby Blue Laces for Life - We are an awareness campaign for life; by wearing Baby Blue Laces for Life shoelaces or wristbands you are saying to those around you that: Abortion is NOT the answer.

Baby Body-Parts Trafficking
This website seeks to pose the question to America, "How can baby body-parts trafficking be occurring in the United States of America, whose founding principles are Life, Liberty, and Justice for all?"

Baby Picture Project
It is my goal to collect thousands of baby pictures to represent the number of babies lost daily to abortion worldwide.

Baptists for Life
BFL helps local churches form biblically centered, evangelistic pro-life ministries

Baylor University Bears for Life
Bears for Life was founded in 1997 by Michael FitzGerald.

Be Not Afraid
We are an online outreach to parents who have received a poor or difficult prenatal diagnosis.

Bergen County Right to Life
This is the official Bergen County chapter of New Jersey Right to Life.

Berks Pennsylvanians for Human Life
We are a County Chapter of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation and through education, we proclaim the truth about abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia.

Berkeley Students for Life
(BSL) is dedicated to educating the Cal community about the dignity of human life, especially that of the preborn and the seriously ill.

Bethesda Healing Ministry
We are a Catholic Christian ministry of hospitality and healing. Through a community of love and acceptance, all men and women wounded by abortion are invited, and supported.

Bethesda, The House of Mercy
We provide a community of healing and a sanctuary of hope for persons wounded by abortion.

Bethlehem/Easton Pro-Life
We are a local affiliate of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation. Our mission is to educate the public on the truths regarding abortion, euthanasia, infanticide, and stem cell research.

Billboards for Life
Our sole purpose is to blanket cities and towns with Catholic pro-life billboards.

Billings Ovulation Method
This is the official U.S. site of Drs. Billings.

Birth Choice Clinic
We are a group of 4 prolife medical clinics providing medical services (ultrasound, STD testing) and counseling to abortion-vulnerable women in the Orange County, California area.

Birth Choice of California
At Birth Choice we believe no woman should ever be in the position of making a decision in haste or while feeling desperate or alone.

Birthright of Cleveland, Ohio
This site provides information and help for those with a crisis pregnancy in Ohio.

Black Americans for Life
Organization dedicated to education about pro-life issues

Born Silent
People need to act, and we are making it as simple as possible.

Bound4life - We prayerfully stand in front of courthouses and abortion clinics with our mouths taped shut to represent the silent screams of the unborn and of those who have no voice.

Bridge To Life
Pro-life organization offers a vast array of pro-life resources and counseling for women and men facing difficult pregnancies.

Brookhaven House
We are a non denominational christian home for women 18 and older who need a place to live. They are taught life skills, are encouraged to attend the Mass/service of their choice and are allowed to live in the home until their infant celebrates his/her first birthday. We are located in Northern New York, in a nice, quiet, village.

Bucks County Pennsylvania Pro-Life Coalition
Our primary mission is to provide financial support to area Crisis Pregnancy Homes that protect women from being forced or coerced into having abortions.

California Nurses for Ethical Standards - We are nurses who have a strong commitment to promoting ethical medical and nursing practices and championing conscience rights.

California Pro-Life Council
We believe our goal will be accomplished on two fronts: (1) working within the law to change the law and (2) changing public opinion through education.

California Right to Life
Our Objective is to foster a pro-life mentality through education.

Campaign for Working Families
We are a non-partisan political action committee dedicated to electing pro-family, pro-life and pro-free enterprise candidates to federal and state offices.

Capital of Texas Democrats for Life
The Democratic Party's strong commitment to human rights leads naturally to a pro-life position.

Capital Research Center
Research dedicated to counter the culture of death…

Capitol Hill Prayer Alert
Sound the Trumpet Ministries, providing prayer intentions related to activities on Capitol Hill

Cardinal Newman Society
An intercollegiate organization of students, educators and alumni founded to promote "Preservation of Catholic Higher Education"…including the pro-life identity of universities…

A Ministry of Care for Women in Crisis

Caring Solutions Pregnancy Center
We are a pro-life organization who offers medical service to the abortion minded community in middle GA.  You can help us financially by clicking here.

The Case Against Abortion on Demand
Feminists have claimed that this right to abortion is essential for women to achieve full liberation, and that anything less than complete control over their reproductive rights is a form of patriarchal control.

Catholic Alliance
This website has news updates on pro-life issues.

Catholic Analysis
This site contains reflections and insights on current issues, including abortion.

Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
Largest American Catholic civil rights organization

Catholic Pro-Life Committee of North Texas
This is the web site of The Catholic Pro-Life Committee of North Texas, the Respect Life Ministry of the Diocese of Dallas.

Catholic Respect Life
We advance the pro-life cause with prayer, persuasion, personal intervention, and political action.

Catholics Against Capital Punishment
A national advocacy organization working for the abolition of the death penalty in the U.S.

Catholic Charities of Baltimore Adoption and Pregnancy Services
Catholic Charities' Adoption Services: Building & strengthening families by creating safe & permanent connections through Treatment Foster Care, After School Programs and life-long Adoption Services

Catholic Planet
Read pro-life testimonies on this online, international Catholic magazine.

Catholics United for Life
Prayer and witness for all innocent human life

Catholic Vessel of Hope
Site provides some facts on abortion and what you can do to stop it.

Central Illinois Right To Life, Inc
This website contains current pro-life news and perspectives, announcements of coming events and general information about abortion, euthanasia, and other issues in Peoria Illinois, and beyond.

Center for Bioethical Reform
Information on some of the latest and most effective pro-life strategies and seminars

Chalet Magnificat
This Community Family Shelter provides transitional safe housing to vulnerable families, mothers and children, below the poverty level.

Champaign County Right to Life
Our mission is education and action to end abortion and assisted suicide, legal or illegal.

A Change for Life
At Change For Life, Inc. we are dedicated to educating, informing, and most of all, EXCITING people about our Pro Life movement.

Changing Hearts Project
Our goal is to raise awareness and touch hearts, through songs that relate to the plight of the unborn and young woman in need.

Chastity Call
Chastity education and encouragement

A Child, Not A Choice
The website provides links and information about the horror of Partial Birth Abortion and links to pictures.

Child Predators
Busted! Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation have been caught in a pedophile protection scandal.

Children of God for Life
This is a campaign for ethical vaccines.

Children of the Rosary
"Fighting abortion through prayer and presence at abortion mills"

Choice to Live
We exist primarily to provide information and ideas for those who respect human life. We frequently update our site by linking to relevant news articles which relate to life issues.

Choices Medical Clinic
The only pro-life medical clinic in the United States that is next to a late-term abortionist.

Choose Birth
This site provides Massachusetts pregnancy resources and other pro-life links.

Choose the Child
Ten percent of all our profits go to the pro-life movement.

Choose Life License Plates
Choose Life, Inc. promotes the sale of the real Choose Life License Plate which raises funds to support adoption efforts of Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Maternity Homes and not-for-profit adoption agencies.

Choose Love
We bring Praise and Christian music to the world

Christian Adoption
Non-profit Christian Internet adoption service ministry
Extensive list of links

Christian Coalition of America
This is the largest and most active conservative grassroots political organization in America.

Christian Family Services of the Midwest
We serve pregnant women in the greater Kansas City, Kansas area.

Christian Life Resources
We are concerned with caring for mother, child, and family, and with medical ethics and social life.

Christian Patriots for Life
This is a National Prolife Voter Registration Campaign.

The Christmas Village
We are a residential ministry for women facing an unexpected pregnancy but have lost their support system and want to choose life for their unborn child.

Christ’s Faithful People
For information on how to improve your local community Catholic communities, check out this Rhode Island group. Some pro-life homilies can be found here.

ChristusMedicus Foundation
Reclaim Christ-centered health care by reforming corporate and public policy to allow God's people a "conscientious choice" in selecting health insurance.

Citizens Concerned for Human Life
The LIFE People work in the Capital District of New York State to advance the protection of human life from conception to natural death through community outreach and education, public advocacy, including peaceful picketing, sidewalk counseling and referral, cooperative pro-life projects; and by seeking fair and equal treatment for those with pro-life beliefs.

Citizens United Resisting Euthanasia (CURE, Ltd.)
Grassroots advocacy network opposed to euthanasia

Cleveland Right To Life (OH)
The right to life of an innocent human being is absolute and cannot be surrendered.
Could your job land you in jail? Abortion clinic employees, protect yourselves!

Coalition for Life
We were formed in 1998 when Planned Parenthood announced plans to build the first abortion clinic in the history of Bryan-College Station, Texas. Since that time we have expanded throughout Central and Southeast Texas.

The Coalition of Americans for Research Ethics
To advance the development of medical treatments and therapies that do not require the destruction of human life, including the human embryo.

Coastal Empire Right to Life (GA)
Although our pro-life activities take place principally in Savannah, we include in our newsletter, Life Lines, and this Web site the news and activities throughout the First Congressional District of Georgia and national news having an effect on pro-life issues.

Collegians Activated to Liberate Life
A network of college pro-life groups

Colorado Right to Life
The mission of CRTL is to promote reverence and respect for human life without regard to condition, quality, age, race, religion, creed or color, whether born or unborn.

Conception is Life Company – We are a company that designs, patents, and distributes life affirming educational and spiritual merchandise for wholesale purchase to Christian retailers and pro-life/ pro-family fund raising groups in order to raise awareness that life does begin at conception. It is our intention to put a face to the name Innocent.

Concerned Women for America
Nation's largest pro-family women's organization

Concordia (MN) Collegians for Life
CFL works to present the fully detailed and factual information necessary to make informed decisions about such topics as fetal development, abortion, alternatives to abortion, euthanasia, infanticide and crisis pregnancies.

Connecticut Pro-Life Council
Catholics, Protestants, Jews and others--must all be united with one single purpose--protecting the rights and sanctity of all human life.

Consistent Life
We witness to the human rights of all...the unborn, those on death row, sick or infirmed, global neighbors and victims of war, of poverty, and of racism.

Constitution Party of Pennsylvania

CPC-Link Search Engine
This is your source for locating a crisis pregnancy center in the United States or Canada in your time of need!

Creighton Students for Life
The purpose of this organization is to be a voice on campus that insists upon the inherent value of every human life, in all stages.

Crisis Pregnancy Center of Natchitoches, Inc.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers Online (CPCs Online)
Links with database of 1,600 Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Crossroads Pro-Life, Inc.
We are volunteer college age students who spend the summer months on a walking pilgrimage across the United States. We are considered the "survivors" of the abortion holocaust.

Crusade for Life
We believe that the taking of prenatal life up to some arbitrary age limit is directly contrary to God's law.

Culture of Life Foundation
Culture of Life Foundation is an independent, international, non-profit organization that upholds and promotes traditional Judeo-Christian morality and fosters respect for human life at all stages.

Dayton Right to Life
This group is an affiliate chapter of the Ohio Right to Life Society and the National Right to Life Committee.

The Death of Diana Lopez
Read the story about this mother of two who died from a "safe" and legal abortion at a Planned Parenthood Clinic in Sacramento.

Defend Life
Defend Life sponsors pro-life lectures and publishes a pro-life newsletter.

Defenders of the Unborn
We offer help to mothers in crisis pregnancies and educate the Greater St. Louis area on the evils of abortion.

Delaware Right to Life
Only through the dedicated efforts of people like you can Delaware and America create a society that cherishes and protects life, regardless of the consequences that brought that life into being.

Democrats for Life of America, Inc.
To be a Democrat should not and does not mean you should be in favor of abortion. Find out why.

Derecho a la Vida

Diocese of Fort Worth Pro-Life Ministry
Our mission is to implement the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' Pastoral Plan for Pro-Life Activities in our Diocese.

The Divine Mercy
Learn about what devotion to the Divine Mercy is, and how intimately it is connected to the Pro-life movement.

Duke Students for Life
Duke Students for Life is a pro-life student organization at Duke University that is devoted to upholding the value of life through promoting awareness, education, support, and healing.

Eagle Forum
Standing for the fundamental right of parents to guide the education of their own children.

Easton Publishing
An excellent Pro-Life Publishing Company

Educational Center for Life
We are a resource Center for the Study of Life Issues

Elijah Ministries
Working to bring Christianity to everyone…and to defend life

Eric Eckenrode
A post-abortive father honors his child though music.

Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention
This Commission exists to help churches understand the moral demands of the gospel, apply Christian principles to moral and social problems and questions of public policy, and to promote religious liberty.

Evangelization Station Pro-Life Articles
We are dedicated to Catholic apologetics and Evangelization within and outside the Church.

Every20Seconds began with a group of us who wanted to stop the murder of unborn babies.

Expectant Mother Care (New York)
(EMC) is a family-like non-profit counseling service for young girls and women caught in an untimely pregnancy or in a cycle of promiscuity or post-abortion syndrome.

Expose Planned Parenthood
A Coalition of pro-life groups dedicated to spreading the truth about Planned Parenthood

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