Priests for Life announces “Day of Invitation” to abortion providers

Every year on March 10, various pro-abortion groups observe a “Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers,” on which they pledge to write letters to papers and show signs of support and gratitude to those who do abortions.

Each year, Priests for Life is invites pro-life people to observe March 9 as a day when we extend to abortionists the call to repentance and conversion. There are many examples of abortionists who have become pro-life and stopped killing babies. Read some testimonies of former abortionists.

In observance of this day, we ask pro-life supporters to

a) Pray for the conversion of all abortionists.

b) Read the testimonies of the former abortion providers.

c) Write a letter to your local papers quoting one or more of these testimonies and inviting local abortionists to conversion.

d) Read some of the testimonies of those who have been injured by abortion (see, and write a letter that helps educate others about the devastating effects of abortion.

e) Gather with groups who pray in front of abortion centers and pray for the conversion of the abortionists who work there.

f) Publicly challenge abortionists – again, through letters or calls to media programs – to describe the abortion procedure in detail to the public, and to tell the women who make abortion appointments about the dangers of the procedure and about the alternatives they have.

g) Tell your pastor about this special observance and invite him to speak about it from the pulpit.

Some may want to learn more about how to initiate dialogue with local abortionists and their staff. This can be a very fruitful area of activity, and if you feel drawn to it, we ask you to contact us at to obtain more advice about how to do this. It is a very delicate and sensitive type of activity, but with the right kind of training and guidance, can be carried out very effectively. We at Priests for Life have a lot of experience in this area and are ready to help you.

Special messages prepared for the Day of Invitation to Abortion Providers: 

“My name is Joan Appleton and I am a former head nurse of an abortion clinic. Today I would like to extend an invitation to everyone working in an abortion facility to denounce the killing of unborn children, the emotional and physical damage to women and the spiritual, emotional and psychological damage to yourself. It takes great courage to accept reconciliation and healing from God but it is one decision you will never regret. There are many of us who have been where you are right now who are more than willing to help you through the transition. It was the friendship of one pro-lifer, Debra Braun and the prayers of  many pro-lifers that got me to leave the abortion business. I invite you to leave the world of lies, anger and rage and join the rest of us in a world of peace and healing.”


“I was in the abortion industry, and I understand the pain involved in the daily business of taking life. There is help for your life.  You too can be restored.  Your gifts and talents can be used in a job that will free you for personal success.” – Carol Everett


"After spending 51/2 years laboring in this murderous abortion industry whose sole purpose for existence is the lust for money, I urge those who are employed to seek other means of employment.

If you are a nurse your skills are being mis-used. The purpose of nursing is to facilitate healing! Obviously what you are doing is diametrically opposed to healing and has been twisted to facilitate the purposeful destruction of innocent human life. For those who call themselves "counselors", how do you feel when you look into the face of a young girl who has been raped or impregnated through incest knowing full well that these crimes will NOT be reported and this young one will be violated again?

The constant specter of death is so very destructive. In my experience I found my foundation and core beliefs being assaulted and eventually diminished. Morals and ethics were thrown out the door to accommodate this assault of placing death over life. Hardness of heart and dullness of conscience became a mechanism of survival, Love know longer was a component of my existence. My world shrunk and revolved into the big ME, recognition, promotion, material goods etc. I did well in my shrinking world promoting this foul industry from nursing right up into the corporate offices, I held many hats and was fully engaged, therefore I'm quite familiar with the machinations of this industry of death.

I urge you to leave this foul world behind. Observing the remains of the aborted fetuses day after day is very destructive. By now I imagine what you once thought was a noble cause has become clear that it is not. Open your eyes and see this foul industry has nothing to do with the protection of women or their health. Quite to the contrary, it has everything to do with greed, lust for money and ultimately power.

The killing industry contaminates every aspect of society. It buys politicians who negatively influence society. It hardens people so that they no longer respect life and life becomes a cheap commodity, thus the answer to much of the chaos we witness daily especially in the vile abuse of children. The constant specter of death ruins life emotionally and psychologically.

Since I walked away my life has been so much better. I learned once again to truly love and respect people. I learned to get in touch with my GOD and develop a relationship so I am not burdened and angry, I've renewed my relationship with my children and my marriage was restored, I use my nursing skills to comfort those who are afflicted and have reached out into community to assist people in times of distress.

You are much to valuable to remain a facilitator of death. Though you may not believe it you were created for better things. GOD loves you and I pray you will find your way to truly realize how precious life is." --
Lorraine LaNeve, LPN, Defender of Life and Centurion

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