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We Sounded an Alarm Tuesday; Please Help Echo It!

September 16, 2019

Dear Friends,

Would you help us follow up on our recent efforts with members of Congress?

On Tuesday, Sept. 10, Priests for Life had a very successful lobbying day in Washington, talking to Democratic members of the House of Representatives to persuade them to support the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (H.R. 962), which seeks to protect children who are born alive after a failed abortion.

This was followed immediately by a very successful hearing that we helped Republican leaders organize – a hearing that exposed, as never before, how the abortion industry treats babies born alive!

The abortion industry is killing children both in the womb and outside the womb!

And we seek to protect them wherever they are!

Some people don’t think that happens; others think the law already sufficiently protects these children.

But it does happen, and they are not adequately protected, as

we explained to members of Congress – and to the whole nation -- this past Tuesday.

Now we need your voice to join with ours and remind both the Congress and the country that this killing has to stop.

On this action alert, as you follow the links and steps below, I’ll provide for you

  • A message to share with your own representative in Congress;
  • A list of some key Democrat members whose offices we visited, and who would be great to call as well; and
  • Links to the video and documents from the hearing, which you can share far and wide.

What we are asking these Democrats to do, specifically, is to

sign a discharge petition that would – with enough signatures – force a vote on the Born Alive bill.

The petition requires 218 signatures. So far, all the Republicans have signed on, as well as three Democrats. Two Republicans who won House races in special elections in North Carolina on Sept. 10 will sign as well.

That means we need 15 Democrats with the courage to buck their leadership and sign the petition.

Will you help us reach them?

And will you help us reach all our fellow citizens as well, so that they can understand and act on this issue?

Please click here to find out whom to contact in Congress, and what you can share with fellow Americans.

And please forward this email to everyone you know who may be interested in helping.

Thank you!
Fr. Frank Pavone
Father Frank Pavone
National Director
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