We Will Not Go Away

Pro Life Leaders

November 05, 2008

Note: Every time there is an incident of violence against an abortionist, abortion-rights leaders throughout the country blame peaceful pro-life street activity for what happened. In response to this reaction, the following statement has been issued by pro-life leaders, both rejecting violence and refusing to be accused of promoting precisely what we reject. It is interesting to note, furthermore, that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., had to respond to the same criticisms when violence on the part of some in the civil rights movement was blamed on the peaceful activity he was organizing. We have posted his Letter from the Birmingham Jail, and especially point out his answer to the charge of precipitating violence.

For over two decades, people in America who oppose abortion have peacefully taken this message to the streets.

The recent violent acts of a few people have made some question whether pro-lifers should continue their street activities.

We first of all reject violence as a solution to any problem. Pro-life people who choose to kill are being inconsistent. Pro-abortion people who lament the killings are also inconsistent because they tolerate daily killing of babies. The only consistent and correct position is to reject both the violence of shooting and the violence of abortion. That is the position we take.

Pro-life "rhetoric," furthermore, is not a cause of violence. To say "abortion kills babies" is not "rhetoric"; it is truth. To be silent would be irresponsible, and it is not an option.

In reality, "pro-choice" rhetoric fuels violence, because it says life may be destroyed at will.

The pro-life message needs to be proclaimed on the public streets of America. The biggest mistake prolife people could make at this moment is to retreat from the streets. To do so would deprive countless people of hearing the pro-life message, would lead to the loss of many lives that can be saved by prayerful presence and counseling at abortion mills, and would create a vacuum which would likely be filled by more violent activity.

Throughout world history, social reform has been effected by people bringing their message to the streets in organized non-violent ways. This is the moment to increase such activity. The First Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees the rights of Americans to do so, even when their message is one of great controversy.

Pro-life presence in the streets, furthermore, does not have to be limited to the abortion mills. Presence at the mills is essential, but the women who buy abortions do not live at these places. They are in every community and neighborhood. By spreading the truth on every street corner, pro-lifers can save lives and help persuade the public that violence is never a solution. We intend to plan, promote, and intensify peaceful, prayerful and legal pro-life street activity throughout the nation. We will not stop it until abortion stops.

If America wants to reject violence, let it reject abortion without further delay!

Fr. Frank Pavone National Director, Priests for Life

Fr James Heyd

Rev. Flip Benham

Fr Charles Fiore

Rev Keith Tucci

Joseph Scheidler

Dr. Curtis I Harris

J Randy Hinsely

Revs Gordon & Nancy Peterson

Fr. Paul Marx

Fr Matthew I Habiger

William Cotter

Monsignor Phillip Reilly

Camille Giglio

Kevin Cunningham

Theo Sterns I .O.P.

Fr Ivan Rovera

Rev Johnny Hunter

Rev. Kirk Heldreth

Edward J. Martin

Chris & Joan Bell

Jerry Crawford

Kenneth Fisher

Kevin Baust

Jody Clemons

Chet Gallagher

Rev Michael S Warren

Philip Faustin

Richard Gallagher

Timothy R Fix

Mercedes Arzu Wilson

Tom McGlade

Gregg Cunningham

Jerome F Coniker

Lynn Mills

Chris Sapp

Rev Gerald Frank

Rev. James J Pinto

John Heithaus

Michael Matthews

Rev Terry Gensemer

Jack DeVault

Christine Williams

Rev Michael McHugh

Richard Traynor

Terry Sullivan

Rod Jagos

Inge McNeill

Rusty Lee Thomas

Robert Behn

Robert Peters, Esq.

Jack Humphries

Km Anderson

J T. Finn

Dorothy Boyett

Rev Michael G. I Haley

Rev Robert Schenck

Tim & Terry Palmquists

Denise Billings

Tom Raddell

Hanna Klaus

Robert E Cooley

Kelly Clark

Mr. Gerry Zeller

Paul Vaughn

Rev. Daniel Vinzant

Fr. Francis Butler

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