Baby Joseph Now Home: Lessons to Learn

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April 21, 2011


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New York, NY – Fr. Frank Pavone, who traveled with Baby Joseph from Canada to St Louis last month, issued this statement at 10:30am ET today: 

“Baby Joseph’s journey, from the prison of the Canadian hospital to the faith-filled treatment he received in St Louis, has now brought him to the safety and comfort of his own home, with his loving parents and older brother, in Windsor, Ontario. 

“There is no ‘life support’ or ventilator needed for Baby Joseph. From a medical perspective, we did not have any preconceived outcome in our mind, nor do we know how long his life will be. What we do know is that there are several key lessons to draw from this story:  

a)      Doctors do not always know best. Day by day, situations turn out better than many doctors predict. The desires of the patient and the family need to be honored above any kind of medical dictatorships. Some were saying that nothing should be done for Baby Joseph, because he would be attached to machines for the rest of his life. But today, he is breathing on his own.

b)      Families need to fight to care for their loved ones. Moe Maraachli and his wife Sana are strong in their faith and in their love for their children. They did not let the death of a previous child bring them to despair about this one. Rather, they fought hard for Joseph to get the care that has now helped him.

c)      The meaning and value of life does not come from medical tribunals or courts, and it is not measured in years, months, or days. It is measured by giving and receiving love, first from God and then from each other.

d)     When people band together for the cause of life, victories can be won. So many people sent emails, prayed, and are helping pay for Baby Joseph’s care (see We need to stay engaged in the pro-life cause, because there are many more victories to win. 

“We thank everyone who has helped and will continue to help with this case and others like it. As Moe Maraachli has said, we did not do this only for Baby Joseph, but for all the other Baby Josephs to come.” 

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