Coming Home To Rome


June 15, 1998

Norma McCorvey, head of Roe No More Ministries and the former pro-abortion plaintiff in the 1973 landmark Supreme Court case, "Roe vs. Wade," officially announced today that she has decided to become a Roman Catholic.

Ms. McCorvey released the following statement:

"After many months of prayer, and many worried nights, I am making the joyous announcement today that I have decided to join the Mother Church of Christianity--- by which I of course mean the Roman Catholic Church. 

"I was baptized into the Christian faith several years ago by the Rev. Flip Benham, director of Operation Rescue. Since that time I have grown in my Faith. One of the most important moments in this growth process occurred during prayer. I clearly heard the Heavenly Father say to me that I was to be with Him soon. I was very scared of this, thinking that it meant I was to die. I consulted my dear friend, Fr. Frank Pavone, head of Priests for Life, who has been the catalyst to bring me into the Catholic Church. I told him of my concerns, and his advice to me was to continue to pray and to ponder this message. I listened to him and came to realize that what God was actually saying to me was to "come ALL the way home to Him" in His Church--- the Church Jesus Christ Himself founded, the Mother church. "My first public mention of my decision was at an Evangelical Church in Waco, Texas, at an event hosted by Daniel Vinzant. Waco is now like my ‘Bethlehem.’

"I will begin classes in Catholicism this July, taught by Fr. Edward Robinson, of the Dallas Diocese, where I live. I will also continue to be in close contact with Fr. Pavone, who now works at the Vatican and will arrange for me to receive my Confirmation in the city of Rome. He has told me that he is going to inform the Pope of my decision to become a Catholic."

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