Reversing Roe: The Video of Norma's Journey



January 01, 2012

Fredericksburg, VA -- A powerful new documentary video focused on the pro-life conversion of the "Jane Roe" of the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade abortion ruling, has been released by DONEHEY & ASSOCIATES, a Virginia-based communications company specializing in films on life issues. 

"REVERSING ROE: The Norma McCorvey Story" is a 28-minute video presenting the real-life story of Norma McCorvey, the Texas woman who served as the plaintiff in the lawsuit that ushered in legalized abortion-on demand in America 23 years ago. The video documents Norma's years of turmoil as the icon of the abortion-rights movement and the events leading up to her eventual change of mind and heart about abortion and God. And for the first time, the special story behind the birth of the 7-year-old child who helped bring Norma McCorvey to church is revealed. 

"This video is offered as a powerful testimony to God's faithfulness and as an encouragement to those who have labored in the fields to save lives from abortion, infanticide and euthanasia," noted the video's producer and director Dan Donehey. "It's impossible to watch this riveting story and not be moved to feel compassion for those still inside the abortion business and desire to take biblical action to reach out and bring the message of God's love to them. 

Norma McCorvey waited 46 long years to have the Gospel presented to her in a way that touched her heart," Donehey observed. "It's my prayer that this video will encourage action that will help change the hearts of many others." 

"REVERSING ROE: The Norma McCorvey Story is available on VHS video. Contact Dan Donehey at 509 Breezewood Drive, Fredericksburg, VA 22407 for more information. 

The Norma McCorvey Story 

28 minutes - VHS 

The video is a real-life documentary about the life-changing experience of Norma Leah McCorvey. Norma was the "Jane Roe" of the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court abortion decision Roe v. Wade. She was pregnant for a third time in 1969, unsuccessfully sought an illegal abortion and ended up being the plaintiff for a class action law suit against the Texas abortion law. Norma never had an abortion. In fact, all three of her babies were adopted. Her life was filled with failures, abuse, alcoholism, drugs, lesbianism and the occult. She was used by the pro-abortion movement as a symbol of freedom of choice, yet she was never allowed a platform or position with any of the national abortion rights groups such as NARAL, NOW or Planned Parenthood. Instead, Norma was an embarrassment. Jane Roe, of course, was a heroine to their cause. 

By 1995, Norma was working for an abortion clinic called A Choice for Women in Dallas, Texas. She was the marketing director and booked appointments. In March of '95, the Operation Rescue National office moved in next door. Its director, Rev.Flip Benham, began preaching to Norma about the biblical position on abortion. His words fell flat with Norma until the day he apologized to her for not speaking the truth in love. This apology became the springboard for Norma to become open to the message Rev. Benham had for her. At the same time, little 7-year-old Emily Mackey, the daughter of the Operation Rescue National Office Manager Ronda Mackey, began to build a daily friendship with Norma. One day in June, Emily asked Norma to consider going to church with her sometime. Three weeks later Norma accepted the invitation, went to church and there accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. 

Norma became a convert to Christianity in July of '95 and shortly thereafter wrote a poetic lament entitled "Empty Playgrounds." This poem was inspired when Norma came to the revelation that she had been a major factor in the Roe v. Wade decision which had led to over 35 million abortions since 1973. Her grief was overwhelming. In August, Norma was baptized by Rev. Benham and ABC aired the story. This was the first time most of the country became aware of Norma's change. The sudden media attention caught a confused Norma off-guard. As she grew in her study of the bible and became more educated about the development of the human child in the early stages of pregnancy, Norma's positions on issues ranging from the protection of the unborn to sexual conduct came into line with God's Word. On January 21, 1996, Norma came to Georgetown University and took part in a public apology for being part of the events that made abortion-on-demand the law of the land in America. Her position on abortion is now very clear-- only God has the right to take a life. Abortion is wrong and must be stopped. 

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of REVERSING ROE is the story behind little Emily. Her mom resisted the pressure by relatives to abort when she was pregnant with Emily prior to her marriage to the child's father. Ronda was not a Christian but "had seen the pain" her friends in her friends who had abortions and just couldn't do it. When she was six months along, Ronda went into premature labor and again was pressured to consider abortion. Again, she refused. Emily was finally born six weeks early and Ronda's husband left her six weeks later. As Ronda explains in the film, "It seems Satan was trying to destroy what God had planned." Obvious to everyone now, God had a big plan for this tiny child as she was the one He had chosen to play a major role in delivering Norma McCorvey from her terrible life. As she shares in the film, Norma's heart was deeply touched by the love of this little girl and the pro-life people that cared for her as a person, not for what she represented as Jane Roe. This new experience with God's unconditional love proved an irresistible invitation to leave behind the pain and anxiety that had dominated so much of Norma's life. In every way, "Roe" has been reversed. 

REVERSING ROE is now available on VHS video cassette and is the perfect program for discussing the abortion issue with any age group and any Sunday School class, school presentation or pro-life event. The film captures the sovereign aspect of God's control and faithfulness when Christians present the life-changing offer of the Gospel in a loving manner. There are many who never dreamed they'd see the day when "Jane Roe" would become pro-life. There are also many who would have joined with those trying to convince Ronda Mackey that an abortion was a good idea under the circumstances. This film dramatically reminds every one of its that God is still in charge and that it's never right to violate His Word and that blessings surely follow when we trust in His ways, not ours.

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