Three simple activities

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life
July 31, 1999

What simple pro-life activities can almost everyone do with very little effort, which bring the pro-life message to a large number of people who are not going to go out of their way to hear it, and which cost next to nothing?

Answer: the precious feet pin, pro-life bank checks, and pro-life bumper stickers.

1. The Precious Feet. Some 90% of abortions in the United States occur in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. Most people still have no idea how well developed the preborn child is at the time when these abortions occur.

The Precious Feet pin shows the exact size and shape of a preborn child's feet at ten weeks after conception. It is an attractive and instructive pin, showing people, in a single glance, that the victim of abortion is one of us. The pin provides an excellent discussion-starter. Children also love to wear it, and in this way can bring the pro-life message to their own parents.

These pins are available from Heritage House, 919 S. Main St., Snowflake, AZ 85937. Tel. 1-800-858-3040. Web site:

2. Pro-life Bank Checks. Each time you write a check, about 15 people see it by the time it is returned to your bank. An average person uses 300 checks a year. That boldly puts the pro-life message in front of 4500 people, with no additional effort on your part. Order them at Heritage House at 877-472-0907 or see

3. Stickers on your car and mail. Bumper stickers not only provide something to read for the car behind you at the traffic signal; they also capture the attention of pedestrians out for a stroll, or shoppers walking past your car at the mall. A new magnetic product allows you to remove your sticker for cleaning or move your sticker from car to car. While bumper stickers may make a car look less attractive, what can be more attractive than the prospect of saving a child's life?

Pro-life bumper stickers come in a wide variety of messages, colors, and sizes. Some of the messages include, "Guess Which One ISN'T Protected" (showing protected animals and a baby), "Children are a gift from God" (with baby hand holding adult hand) and "If It's Not a Baby, You're Not Pregnant!" Some bumper stickers also contain the phone numbers of local or national hotlines for abortion alternatives or post-abortion counseling.

Placing envelope stickers on your bills and mail, bearing similar messages, is another activity which can save lives. A wide range of bumper stickers and envelope stickers are available from Victory Won, PO Box 101, Davenport, NE 68335 Tel. 1-800-767-7258. Web site:

Hearts have been changed and lives have been saved by means of each of these simple activities. None of them costs very much, and once you start to use them, they each have an "automatic" quality to them -- they keep speaking to people while your mind is on other things! They speak to them in a quiet and non-threatening way, and the people they speak to include those who do not want to hear the message! Yet unless the tragedy is faced, it cannot be ended! Help to break the silence about abortion by using these three simple activities, and by encouraging others to use them as well.

For more information on other things you can do to stop abortion, ask for our flier "You Can Save Someone's Life Today!"

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