Comparison of the Democrat Party and Republican Party on Various Issues

Below is a comparison of the Democrat and Republican party on various issues with references.

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Full platform texts: Republican Party Platform 2024 and Democratic Party Platform 2020



Open borders (1)

Drug cartels, gangs, fentanyl, human smuggling (2)

People on terrorist watchlist let in (3)

Fire ICE, defund police (4) (5)


Consumer prices jump (10)

Blame Putin (11)

Bidenomics is working (12)


Abortion on demand and without apology (17)

Kill the child, but no practical assistance for parents or families (18)

Taxpayer funded abortions (19)


Climate Change (27) (28)

No more coal (29)

Everyone needs an electric vehicle (30) (31)

Want to ban gas stoves (32)


Government decides how your kids are educated (36) (37) (38)

Sex education in kindergarten (39) (40) (41)

Critical race theory, math is racist (42) (43)


Boys in girls locker rooms (48) (49)

Biological men steal women’s sports (50) (51)

Drag queens read to kindergartners (52)



Finish building the wall (6) (7)

Enforce existing federal immigration laws (8)

Fund border patrol (9)


Energy independence (13)

No new taxes (14)

Cut Government Regulations (15) (16)


Unborn children deserve constitutional protection (20) (21) (22)

Practical assistance to mothers and fathers (23) (24) (25)

No taxpayer funding of abortions (26)


Drill, baby, drill (33)

Support oil and gas industries (34)

Private sector innovation on renewable energy  (35)


School choice (44)

Parents are the primary educators of their children (45)

Reading, writing, arithmetic, patriotism (46)

Keep schools open safely (47)


Protect our girls (53) (54)

Biological females only in women’s sports (55)

No 'gender reassignment' for children (56)

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