Abortion for Men

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director of Priests for Life
January 19, 1998

One of the slogans used by extremists in the pro-abortion movement is, "If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament." The slogan, besides being simply ignorant, is an insult to the Church and to the integrity of pro-life people. Less crude expressions of the same sentiment take shape in arguments like, "The prohibition of abortion discriminates against women," and "Pro-life people are intent on depriving women of their rights." In fact, pro-abortion forces took this argument all the way to the Supreme Court, but lost in their attempt to claim that women as a class were discriminated against by pro-life efforts.

The fact is that we oppose abortion both for women and for men. The fact that men do not get pregnant does not stop them from choosing abortion. Indeed, anyone who has worked directly to stop abortions has seen many instances in which the "choice" in question was being made by the man, not by the woman. In the thousands of case testimonies I have in my office, time after time I read these or similar words: "My boyfriend wanted me to have the abortion; I was unsure," or "The baby's father said that unless I aborted the child, he would leave."

Of course. Abortion is not about women's rights. It is often about men wanting the right to be able to continue to have sexual relations without the "intrusive burden" of the child that can come about.

Morally speaking, the sin of abortion is committed when it is chosen, knowingly and willingly. Many factors mitigate the guilt, but the point here is that the choosing of abortion does not require that one be pregnant. Men choose abortion; men perform abortions. Men are therefore often guilty of the sin of abortion.

Being pro-life is in no way to single out women for blame. Being pro-life is about helping men and women alike to have the courage to do what is right, namely, to conceive children only within the bounds of valid marriage, and to protect all children who have been conceived under any circumstances.

Ministry to men is increasingly important, and Christians are responding more and more. We see movements like Promise Keepers, St. Joseph's Covenant Keepers, and the Catholic Men's Fellowship striving to meet the pastoral needs of men in our day. We also see the post-abortion movement increasingly extending its resources of counseling and healing to the men who have become entrapped in the lie that abortion is a solution to their problems.

It was the promoters of abortion who from the beginning framed abortion as simply a "woman's issue." No, abortion involves everyone. Once, at a Life Chain, I was asked by a passerby what right I had, as a man, to say anything about abortion. "I'm a human being," I replied, "and when my fellow human beings are being killed, I have a right to stand up and say no." "No," that is, whether it is addressed to a woman or to a man.

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jopa66 says:
3/14/2014 7:33:04 AM
Although I don't understand how an article written sixteen years ago would be posted on a blog today, nevertheless the point being made is just as relevant now. So where have we come in sixteen years? - a few million aborted babies later? Those innocent ones we've murdered who were created in God's own image are in a sense better off then we. It saddens me to know that they will never have the chance to experience life or get to know their creator and God by way of this life but, at the same time, they also will never have the opportunity to become so morally corrupt as the posters VousEnculez and Kyle Prouty. And "No." That's not a judgement of those individuals. I'm not qualified to do that. But it is a condemnation of an attitude and a way of thinking that has clearly been perverted by this world. We are each called to lead godly lives. And if we each responded diligently to that call, then the evils of abortion, homosexuality, addiction, greed, lust and any other perversions of God's perfection would simply not be relevant. Our entire society is a cesspool of evil which engulfs, entraps and ensnares every one of us in ways we cannot even imagine. Jesus Christ is the only way out of this pit of iniquity and *that* is what the gospel is all about. You, Frank Pavone, who profess to be a teacher and shepherd of God's people, are entreated to extol this gospel of grace and salvation to everyone within your sphere of influence. I pray and hope that you do this well. God bless.

3/13/2014 11:25:20 AM
I have always said that the males who support abortion are "pseudo-men". VousEnculez and Kyle Prouty are perfect examples of this. These types of pseudo-men support abortion out of pure greed and selfishness. If she kills the kid then they are off the hook for child support and raising the son or daughter. They are wretched examples of human debris. The responses of the the two "males" I mentioned are a perfect example of this. They can't stand the light of reason so they throw out distractions. Sorry "fellas", won't work.

VousEnculez . says:
3/13/2014 10:57:04 AM
Holy jeepers! Are you meaning to tell us the little boys you bugger are getting knocked up? Good grief!

Kyle Prouty says:
3/13/2014 3:34:26 AM
Go worship some other false god you fucking asshole. This one isn't doing you any good. Eat the fetus. kill the parasite.

try not to fuck any kids. ;-)

Alex T. says:
3/12/2014 9:11:47 PM
Indeed. What have written in your blog is true. HOWEVER! I for one am really, really tired of only the 'dark side' of men being discussed in this issue. Do many men pressure women into having an abortion? Yes. However, it must also be noted that perhaps far more men have seen their very own children offered up to the abortuaries by their 'wives.' Let us not forget that women initiate divorce, statistically speaking, than men. Once divorced, often the woman then terminates the pregnancy. "What she called her 'choice,' I called my daughter." This is a dynamic that needs to be given far more recognition than it has received.


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