Dialoging with Evil

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director of Priests for Life
September 13, 1999

Bill Baird of New York is known by many as the "Father of the Pro-choice movement." His name is on three Supreme Court decisions which advanced the "right" to birth control and abortion, and he continues to crusade for his cause today.

Part of his crusade involves picketing the National Right to Life Convention each year. Yet he doesn't only picket it, he attends it. Wearing his registration badge, he attends the various workshops, visits the exhibit booths, and interacts with the Conference participants in the hallways.

Through his presence at these conventions I have come to know Bill over the years, and at my invitation he has visited my New York office and joined me for lunch.

At this year's National Right to Life Convention, I asked him to attend the Mass that I was celebrating for the Conference participants. He graciously accepted the invitation. In my homily, I stressed that the message of respect for life applies even to those who promote abortion. A person's error or sin does not remove his or her dignity, nor take away his or her right to be treated respectfully.

At the conclusion of the Mass I said the following words, after which the congregation erupted in applause:

"I hope I don't embarrass him or anyone else, but I would like you all to know that Bill Baird has been standing at the back of the room all during this Mass, respectfully observing all we have been doing. Bill, I want to thank you for accepting my invitation to come to this Mass, and I want you to know that we respect your life as much as we respect the life of any unborn child."

Bill remained until every person left that room, and he commented on the remarkable overflow of love that came from the people. He also told me it was the first Catholic Mass he had ever attended.

Many remarked favorably about the Mass. Shortly thereafter, however, I received a letter which read in part,

"I write this letter with a sense of dismay, because its purpose is to inform you that we will cease supporting Priests for Life with monetary donations...Bill Baird is an individual who has completely given himself over to Satan, it seems to me. We cannot 'dialog' with evil as monstrous and craven as the butchery of unborn human beings in their mother's wombs..."

I responded to the letter by pointing out that I do not "dialog with evil." I dialog with persons. Neither Bill Baird, nor anyone else who promotes abortion, ceases to be a human person with dignity. Many of the actions they defend are evil; many of the ideas they espouse are erroneous. But they are not the enemy.

The Pope, the Church, and the Lord Himself have always pursued the path of dialog.

Indeed, the most challenging word of the phrase "the dignity of every human life" is the word "every."

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