Individual Action at Election Time

Pray the election novena (

Email everyone on your list.

Call everyone on your list.

Make sure they have good information on the candidates and on political responsibility (see

Distribute literature this weekend in conjunction with the right to life groups in your area. You can check with your state right to life groups. To help you defend your rights when you distribute literature in a Church parking lot, click here for a legal letter.

Donate to the candidates of your choice.

Contact the campaigns for the candidate(s) of your choice and ask what volunteer help is needed (phone calls, for instance).

Put up lawn signs in your yard for your candidate.

Use bumper-stickers to promote your candidate.

Talk to you your pastor about Bulletin inserts and Bulletin paragraphs

Having the Church provide transportation to the polls (See

Take the day off on Election Day, in order to reach out to people to remind them to vote, to help transport people to the polls, or to distribute literature near the polling place (as close as legally possible) or elsewhere.

Sign up for Poll-watching

Remember, elections are not contests between two candidates. They are contests between two teams. And it is the team that has more active members doing all these things that, in the end, will bring in the most votes.

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