Challenge your Representatives and Senators on Late Term Abortion!

In many ways, the upcoming election is about late-term abortion.

President Trump has called on Congress multiple times, including in his State of the Union Address, to end late-term abortion.

Most Americans believe that babies in the womb should indeed be protected in the later stages of pregnancy.

Congress has voted a number of times on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act that would protect children in the womb at 20 weeks of development and older.

With only a handful of exceptions either way, all the Republicans in the House and the Senate vote to protect these babies and all the Democrats in the House and Senate vote NOT to protect them, but rather to allow the violence of late-term abortion to continue.

As Democrat members of the House of Representatives ask for your vote in the elections, challenge them publicly as to why they refuse to protect babies in the latest stages of pregnancy from painful abortions.

Show them and your fellow voters this diagram of a dismemberment abortion of a 23-week old baby.

And challenge them with these words that describe these late term procedures!

Most Americans agree that babies in the womb should be protected after 20 weeks of development.

Why should we elect people who don’t?

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