Political Letters to the Editor

Although we each have only one vote, each of us can influence many votes. One way to do that is to write letters to the local papers. The Letters to the Editor section of the newspaper remains the most frequently read section.

Each paper has certain criteria regarding the length of the letter, how frequently any one writer can submit a letter, and what kind of identifying information is required. Most of the time, if your letter is around 200 words and you include your name, address, and phone number, you are within the guidelines. We recommend that you get acquainted with the requirements of your local paper, and write as frequently as their policy allows. Do not decide ahead of time that they are going to reject your letter. For your part, just keep writing, and leave the publishing decision to them.

You may want to organize groups of letter-writers. In fact, maybe just a few in the group will actually compose the letters, and then others in the group can choose the letter they want to sign and send in their own name. This is a perfectly legitimate way to help a lot of people express positions that they otherwise would only hold quietly in their minds and hearts.

Increase your chances of getting your letter printed: click here for helpful tips!

Sample Letters: This link leads to samples that can be copied or modified. You may also click here to read some of Fr. Frank's election articles which are a good source of material for letters. 

Sample Talking Points: This page will give you "thought starters" to help you compose your own letters.

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