What to do on Election Day: Mobilize Voters!

Question: What should I do on Election Day, and in the last few days before Election Day? Answer: Mobilize as many voters as possible!

1. Contact those you know who are homebound or away from home and make sure they get absentee ballots.

2. Take Election Day off from work and help people get to the polls.

3. Call friends and like-minded people you know and tell them about the best candidates. Urge them to vote.

4. Email your list with helpful links to candidate information, such as www.ProLifeVote.com.
5. Get on the internet and use chat rooms, editorial pages, and other opportunities to voice support for the best candidates and urge people to vote.

6. Contact the campaign headquarters of the candidates of your choice, or the offices of your state right to life group, and see if help is needed this weekend to hand out fliers in support of the candidates.

7. Obtain yard signs and bumper stickers advocating for the candidate of your choice!

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Fr. Frank Pavone

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